Guan Xuan or Gong Bo? Chen Lu's unilateral official declaration of love was ignored by Huo Zun, and the details in the same box revealed the answer

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guan xuan gong bo chen

01 Chen Luguan declared love life blessing , The party Huo Zun's delay in responding provoked doubt

In this entertainment industry, women are not flat 8 In the month , I wish there were a team of Golden Boys and girls who came out, and the officials announced that they were filled with joy , As it happens , It's just 8 month 8 When day , Chen Lu really released a dynamic article similar to the official propaganda , In this dynamic picture, Chen Lu and male star Huo Zun snuggle together in black , The copywriter doesn't have any words , But a little red heart also means obviously , A lot of people call them a natural couple. They're a perfect match

Normally, such an obvious hint is guanxuan's love affair ? But after Chen Lu published this dynamic , Huo Zun did not respond , Now it's over 12 hours , Huo Zun has neither forwarded nor commented on this dynamic , Ignore as if nothing had happened , This is puzzling , No wonder netizens ridiculed the first time they saw a unilateral official declaration of love , It's also an embarrassment

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