Spring in jade Mansion: the four couples in the sun family are the templates of four cool romantic novels

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《 Yulouchun 》, Yu Zheng is called “ It's the best play I've ever made ”.

What kind of play is it ?

The initial publicity , Various labels are clearly explained :

More than a dozen episodes , To sum up , It's a comedic costume house fight drama .

There are many and complex characters , However , Mainly about the sun family .

Although it is an overhead costume drama , But the couple pattern of the four sons and daughter-in-law of the sun family , Pick it out alone , It's all a romance novel .

Wu Yuehong & Sun Shijie : Love after marriage , A crematorium for a wife

Sun Shijie is the eldest son of the sun family , educated , cognitive , Also like Luo God .

To sum up, he is a talented literary and artistic young man , With their family background , In general , Famous girls are his good match .

However , His father found him a daughter-in-law of a military general .

Wu Yuehong , Her father is Wu Da, a general of Hussars , In the words of sun Shijie's father : One article, one military , To stabilize .

Although Wu Yuehong is gentle and virtuous , But helpless , Whether it's from looks 、 character 、 Talent, etc , Didn't grow on Sun Shijie's point .

Sun Shijie likes Luo Shen , Wu Yuehong made up and dressed according to the portrait of Luo God , The result made sun Shijie even more annoying .

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