His father is an actor. His ex-wife is 12 years younger than him. He made his debut at the age of 20. He is handsome but not popular at the age of 45

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father actor. actor ex-wife ex

Many people should be familiar with the actor Hawick Lau , Not only because he is Yang Mi's ex husband , He is also a star, the second generation , His father Liu Dan is an actor , signing TVB, The most well-known character is 83 Version of 《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》 Hong Qigong in .

Hawick Lau grows inversely like the big power , Actually 1974 Hawick Lau was born in , Already this year 43 Year old . He 1993 Won the championship of the Canadian Chinese singer trial in ,1994 in TVB career . Then I started in TVB Play some supporting roles in your TV series , It can be said that he has been cheating for ten years . But Xiaobian has a question , Obviously, he won the singer selection champion , There have been several albums , But what does it mean to run to acting ? Is it because of my father Liu Dan ?

1999 year , Hawick Lau and Wu Qilong , Cai Shaofen partner , On TV 《 Genesis 》 Played ye Rongze in , stay 《 All's well that ends well 》 Ruan Jingdan played in the movie , But Hawick Lau is TB The road of acting is not smooth , So in 2005 He left in TB.

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