What's the charm of Lin Shuhao, who is pursued by Kardashian and whom Jay Chou has met with netizens and friends

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charm lin shuhao pursued kardashian

The Tokyo Olympic Games ushered in the closing ceremony , This also means that the next Olympic family will get together 、 We'll have to wait another three years .

There are many good news of the Olympic games ahead , front NBA Player Lin Shuhao reported bad news .

He flew from San Francisco to Shanghai for the third day of isolation , The nucleic acid test was positive , Diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia .

After knowing the test results , Lin Shuhao himself was shocked and flustered , But he soon adjusted his mind , Determined to face and defeat the virus .

From the map of his social account , Lin Shuhao's state is OK , In addition to his poor face and a little fatigue , His smile is still sunny .

Fortunately , After the doctor's judgment , His symptoms are mild , Should be able to recover and leave the hospital soon .

Lin Shuhao expressed his thanks to the medical staff , We also wish him an early return to normal life .

From the bench to God possessed “ Linsanity ”

Mention Lin Shuhao , Even if you're not a basketball fan , I guess I'm no stranger to the name .

He once aroused the fanatical worship of the American media , More than ever before 9 First game , averaged 25 branch 、9.9 assists 、2.2 A super record of steals .

This data is in NBA65 It is unprecedented in the history of .

But when you become NBA On the road of professional players , Lin Shuhao had a rough road 、 Startling by each step .

Among them , Asian descent is probably the biggest obstacle to his promotion to professional players .

1988 year 8 month , The second son of the Lin family was born , As a Chinese engineer, his parents named him “ Shu Hao ”.

Father Lin loves basketball , I take my children to play basketball every weekend .

Under the influence of my father , Lin Shuhao soon showed his talent and love for this sport .

however , In his childhood, he was not tall , Even in high school, he was only 1.6 rice , This is the first one he met “ Indifference to ” The threshold .

So , Lin Shuhao once complained that his height was only 1.68 Mi's parents .

The father understands his son's character ―― Very persistent about what you love .

His childhood character has doomed him “ Linsanity ” Life path of .

Fortunately, , Lin Shuhao high school 4 Annual average 8 Savage growth at a speed of CM , When I graduated, my height had grown to 1.9 rice .

In the same year , He led the school team to the championship of the California second level basketball championship .

With this champion , He won player of the year 、 The honor of the first team player in California .

But , This has shown its edge “ Seedling ” players , But after graduating from high school, he failed to enter a famous basketball school , But received a letter from Harvard University, which has been at the bottom of the University League all year round “ Olive branch ”.

Under the leadership of Lin Shuhao , Harvard's basketball team has reached a new level , American professional basketball scouts also noticed this Asian face .

With my mother's encouragement , Lin Shuhao decided to enter NBA.

Compared with the ideal of fullness , Reality is too “ Osseous sensation ” 了 , It deeply hurt Lin Shuhao .

22 At the age of , The confident Lin Shuhao is NBA Unexpectedly lost the draft , It was a fatal blow to him .

At the moment , Lin Shuhao's strength to admit defeat has come again , After adjusting his mind, he took another step towards his dream .

Same year , He signed with the Golden State Warriors , The two labels of Chinese and Harvard students , Brought him a lot of attention .

But in fact , This year in Jinzhou , Lin Shuhao is almost on the bench .

The reason for not being valued is also very simple ――NBA It's not yellow people's world .

Sit on the bench for a year , The Golden State Warriors laid off Lin Shuhao , Soon he signed with the Houston Rockets , But only after 12 God , He was laid off again .

Two layoffs in two weeks , It can be called Lin Shuhao's darkest moment .

Fortunately, the New York Knicks started “ Control guard ” injured , I had to accept Lin Shuhao's contract .

After entering the Knicks , Lin Shuhao still can only sit on the bench , If you get laid off by the Knicks again , He will have to follow NBA Say goodbye .

Fortunately , God at the last moment , To the faithful believer .

2012 year 2 month 5 Japan , The Knicks play New Jersey at home , Lin Shuhao came on as a substitute at the end of the first quarter .

at that time , He was holding “ Mortal ” The state of mind has stepped into the dream NBA The field .

If nothing happens , This game will be him in NBA The last game of .

But that night , There's an accident !

Lin Shuhao put himself in NBA All the repression encountered 、 anger 、 Not admitting defeat has all turned into high morale , He risked “ fire ” My eyes are full of “ Murderous Qi ”!

The Knicks won that night , Lin Shuhao takes 25 branch 7 The score of assists , A night letter god !

After the game , When he takes a bath , I can't tell whether my face is bath water or tears , He only knew that he should not be laid off this time .

thereafter , Lin Shuhao showed great courage several times in a row 、 Feel hot , steals 、 assists 、 score , These words that were once irrelevant to Asian people , It was all crazily pasted on him by the American media .

《 Time 》 Magazine with “ Linsanity ” Title , See him as a pioneer of American personal heroism .

Kardashian wants to date him , Jay Chou and Chen Jianzhou are all his fans

As the peak comes , The handsome Lin Shuhao gradually attracted more and more attention .

There are rumors in the Jianghu that Kardashian wants to date him .

Kardashian as a family face , I have worked with many NBA There have been rumors about players , My ex husband was NBA Forward Humphries .

When Lin Shuhao suddenly emerged , Kardashian asked her good friend Cameron Anthony's wife helped him pull strings , Want to date him .

But Jeremy Lin is accepting ESPN In an interview , Rejected the celebrity's “ Good intentions ”, He said :“ I'm not that type of man .”

Well said !

A totally 、 Have your own bottom line , Such a boy is worthy of “ The sun ” Two words .

As for Lin Shuhao's real love life , It's relatively mysterious .

It is rumored that Lin Shuhao had a girlfriend when he was in College , Both are Christians , There are many common languages .

There have also been so-called photos from the perspective of girlfriends on the Internet , But these have not received your reply .

On the contrary, Lin Shuhao's circle of friends has always been talked about by everyone .

Jay Chou 、 Chen Jianzhou 、 Wang Leehom and other celebrities in the entertainment industry , All fall into the sunshine boy's smile .

Zhou Dong loves basketball , He once took Kunling to NBA Watch the game live .

It is said that two NBA Tickets for , Lin Shuhao gave it to Jay Chou and his wife out of his own pocket , common 10 Ten thousand dollars , This is for non core players 、 The income is not high for Lin Shuhao , It's already a big expense , Nearly a fifth of his annual salary .

After the game , Lin Shuhao also took Jay Chou on a tour of the stadium .

Treat your friends , Lin Shuhao is very loyal .

Again , Jay Chou also spoke out to the brother .

2019 After the Raptors won the first title in , Lin Shuhao also fulfilled his dream of a championship , Jay Chou publicly congratulated him on his personal social account .

lo , Some netizens hate Lin Shuhao :“ Didn't play for a second , I don't know why I'm proud .”

Zhou Dong immediately responded to the netizens :“ He is not proud , But I'm proud !”

Their deep friendship , This sentence is revealed .

in addition , Chen Jianzhou and Wang Leehom are also with Lin Shuhao “ Golfer ”, Three or five friends will meet occasionally .

“ black ” Just like Mr. Zhou , Love playing basketball , At the star game initiated by Lin Shuhao , Several friends not only exchanged skills , The scene of sweating at the scene , More let a lot of fans shout fun .

Among them , There is also a familiar figure ―― Gao Yixiang .

although , He's gone , But Lin Shuhao still often misses his former good friend .

The day after Gao Yixiang died , Lin Shuhao wore sneakers with their heads on the court , And post on your social account :“ I still need some time to relieve the pain .”

so , Lin Shuhao's star circle of friends are his sincere friends , Deep feelings .

Can only cherish , Some friends can only miss , But I can't see you anymore .

Public spirited

It is said that “ Birds of a feather flock together ”, Lin Shuhao's circle of friends can also reflect his true nature .

Treat your friends sincerely , Upright and magnanimous , It can basically summarize his personality .

More Than This , He is also a public welfare enthusiast 、 Caring people who care for vulnerable groups .

He once initiated “ Three distractions ” Public service challenges 、“ Care for left behind children ” plan 、“ Follow me to vote ” And many other public welfare activities .

During the epidemic , He donated five times , He also donated money to Wuhan in the name of his good friend Gao Yixiang 50 Ten thousand yuan .

He also donated... To the United Nations Children's Fund 15 Ten thousand dollars ( Renminbi conversion 104 Ten thousand yuan ).

So kind 、 Sunshine boy , Deserve a better future .

This year, 6 month , Lin Shuhao will return to CBA Shougang Basketball Team , Unfortunately, a sudden infection with the new crown may delay his training and competition .

Here it is , I sincerely wish Lin Shuhao a speedy recovery , Return to the basketball world he loves !

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