Why did Le Jia suddenly disappear because of the explosion of if you are the one? What did he go through?

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le jia suddenly disappear explosion


Two bald heads and a beautiful woman , This is the strongest lineup of a trump variety once popular in the country , I don't know when to start ,3000 Such programs are all the rage in China , The most representative is if you are the one , If you are the one's guest lineup is also very wonderful , Meng Fei's humorous speech , Lega's sharp comments , Coupled with Huang Han's gentle statement , This makes this variety show a Chinese phenomenon level variety show .

But now many years have passed , It has been nearly... Since if you are the one started broadcasting 12 year , Here 12 During the year , This program has been playing , However, the once sharp commenting guest Le Jia , Now things are very different , Today's Le Jia has disappeared from the public's view for a long time , Previously, his actions have caused a great wave of public opinion , Over the years , What happened to Lejia ?

Le Jia in his youth

Lejia is from Ningbo , Living in a working family since childhood , He is not rich in family conditions , Fortunately, I have a habit of reading since I was a child , I read a lot from an early age , But his reading doesn't make his test scores better , In high school , Just because of poor grades , Chose to go to a junior college , Different from the bright future of other stars when they were young , Le Jia's future in her youth is very dark .

Maybe I was born in such a difficult family , Maybe it's because of what happened when I was a teenager , It makes Le Jia's character paranoid , Become very strong , Due to the large amount of reading before , Makes him have a smooth mouth . At first, under the arrangement of my parents , He entered the bank to work , However, Lejia, who is naturally very wild, doesn't like this job , After a period of time, I switched to a sales company , Started selling .

With his eloquence, he became the trump card of that sales company , Then he joined Avon , Became the youngest trainer , His speech ability was developed during that time , Eloquence has won Lejia a lot , Including his love . As a poor boy , But with her eloquent mouth , He married himself to a rich daughter , The life they just started was sweet .

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