On Tong Liya's 38th birthday, her ex husband Chen Sicheng sent blessings, but she was questioned about frying affectionate people

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tong liya 38th th birthday

8 month 8 Japan , Actress Tong Liya welcomes 38 birthday , I thought Tong Liya would send a document on time to celebrate her birthday after divorce , But I never thought of that. , The first person to pinch points and send blessings to him was his ex husband Chen Sicheng .

Chen Sicheng wrote : Duoduo mom , Happy birthday, , be young forever !

meanwhile , Chen Sicheng also took a group photo of Tong Liya and her son blossoming , In the photo , Tong Liya has long hair and shawl , Wearing a long white dress , Sitting on the stool, holding his son and playing the piano together , Coupled with the background where the sun shines through the French window , Make the whole picture look warm . And for a long time , Chen Sicheng's birthday celebrations for Tong Liya are all hanging on the hot search .

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