Zhang He, who is popular with Yang Mi, now has more and more resources in Jia Nailiang's company

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zhang popular yang mi resources

Zhang he was successfully brought red by Yang Mi , Start again at Jia Nailiang company , Now the career is very stable

Later, Zhang He appeared in other works of Jiaxing media , It can be said that Jiaxing media is good for him , But I didn't expect Zhang He to be 18 In the year , To Jia Nailiang's company, Tongle film and Television Development , Then he joined Jia Nailiang in the movie 《 Airborne Troops 》, And the ratings of this play are not generally high , Zhang he's career is a step closer . Later, his role gradually increased , The role of Man 2 can also be obtained , When I received several male sophomores in a row , Zhang he finally counter attacked and got the resources of male number one .

source : Qingzi Jinji

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