4 version of "Baigujing", the first three are imitating. Only she is the real classic!

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version baigujing imitating. imitating real

stay 《 Journey to the west 》 In fact, in the original work “ Three dozen bone marrow ” My story is not big , But Baigujing enjoys great fame . The performance of this Baigujing is really incisive , I cheated monk Tang and Bajie three times . At the same time, this monster is also the first monster who proposed to eat Tang Monk's meat and live forever , Of course, she also became a stepping stone to temper the monkey king on the way to learn scriptures ! Now many movies and TV plays have a special liking for this character on the journey to the West , Next, let's have a look 4 edition “ Bones jing ”, The first three are imitating , Only she is the real classic !

Lin Yun

Lin Yun became popular because of the mermaid , Then he acted in Stephen Chow's new work 《 Journey to the West subdues demons 》, And Lin Yun's Baigujing , Xiaolu has a crisp chest and a graceful body . As soon as she appeared, she was impressed by her delicate appearance , And 86 The difference between the 2008 edition of journey to the West and the white bone spirit is that she is not a vicious monster , She is very kind , A man is his name , Even moved the truth . Although Lin Yun's appearance is not high , But the slim figure is praised as the sexiest Baigujing .

Karen mok

《 A Chinese Odyssey 》 It is one of Stephen Chow's representative works , In this film, the white bone spirit played by Karen Mok is called “ Crystal white ”, Different from the impression of Baigujing in the past , The white bone essence in this film gives us a simple and lovely feeling , Deep love for Monkey King , Overturned the evil image solidified by Baigujing .

Gong Li

Bai Gujing's skill in the original work is actually very common , Is the 《 Journey to the west 》 The weakest monster in . But through movies 《 Three dozen bone marrow 》 Once adapted, he turned into a demon king . The Baigujing performed by Gong Li is as cold as ice , Eerie , With Halloween Witch makeup , With black chicken blood lipstick , It's hated to the bone , And let people break their bones for her .

Yang Chunxia

86 edition 《 Journey to the west 》 It is the version most recognized by the audience . The Baigujing played by teacher Yang Chunxia , It's a breathtaking picture that scares many babies to cry as soon as they come out ! And teacher Yang Chunxia, as the queen of Peking Opera , It is the most classic Baigujing in the eyes of our generation !

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