Han Hong finally admitted that she had a real relationship with Sun Nan. Don't you regret being a single mother for 23 years?

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han hong finally admitted real

Han Hong finally admitted , The real relationship with Sun Nan , do 23 Single year


Really don't regret it ?

Do well without leaving a name , I don't know when I became a real , Latent rules of positive energy , Low profile charity always gains a better reputation , And those who do good deeds but publicize them can only be questioned , President Gu Tianle can be said to be the spokesman of low-key charity , Gu Tianle, who once served in prison for robbery, started his low-key charity after he got out of prison , He tried his best to pick up the play, and even picked up a lot of films and TV dramas with poor scores later , The reason why he makes money desperately regardless of his reputation is to have enough money to maintain his charity , We affectionately call him “ President Gu ” It is because he built many hope primary schools silently when people and the media didn't pay too much attention , Contrary to its low-key charity , Is a celebrity Han Hong who has always been famous for high-profile charity .


Han Hong's native family is not happy , Her father died when Han Hong was very young , Han Hong grew up under her grandmother's knee , It is this environment that has developed Han Hong's upright and kind-hearted character , Her mother is a Tibetan , Han Hong also inherited her mother's loud voice ,1995 year , With her songs 《 The Qinghai Tibet Plateau 》 An instant hit ,2005 year , Her famous song 《 The way of heaven 》, It's also about Tibet . Han Hong's kindness does not just lie in the Charity Association , Han Hong is still unmarried , But she has been a single mother for 23 years .1999 year 10 month 3 Japan , A cable car in a scenic spot in Guizhou suddenly fell , In the carriage, a couple held up their infant son , The little boy also became the only survivor of the accident , The couple's love for their children shocked 1.4 billion people across the country , Also moved by Han Hong who is writing songs , She tossed and turned and finally adopted the little boy . Han Hong also wrote a song for the little boy held up by his parents 《 It's dawn 》.


The unmarried single mother has also had an affair , The relationship between her and Sun Nan is also quite commendable , They behave intimately on many occasions , Han Hong even cried in Sun Nan's arms during a charity event , Han Hong came forward to clarify the relationship between them , It turns out that Han Hong always treats Sun Nan as her own brother , The relationship between them can be said to be very iron , Han Hong and Sun Nan both make music , There are many common topics between the two people , And Sun Nan has always strongly supported Han Hong's charity , He has always been appreciative of Han Hong .


Now Han Hong's charity scale is gradually expanding , The controversy over whether Han Hong's charity show has not subsided , From Han Hong kneeling down to donors on public welfare programs to the current flood in Zhengzhou , When Han Hong and Wang Yibo went to the disaster area for support, they occupied a yacht to shoot the charity process, resulting in the patient having no lifeboat to delay treatment , People's voice for Han Hong's show is getting higher and higher , Finally, it reached a level that was difficult to calm down , But at this time, Han Hong stood up and said that it was not important whether she was a high-profile public welfare show , Other celebrities are also welcome to show like her , Her upright attitude of fearing rumors once again won her a lot of favor , In fact, whether it's a show or not , As long as there is a heart willing to do public welfare , It is already beyond the reach of many people , I also hope Han Hong can stick to her original heart , Continue not to be afraid of rumors , Can expand the road of high-profile public welfare , Go further and further on the road of public welfare .

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