Shiou is too happy to be surrounded by four beautiful Wutong sisters. Alyssa Chia and his mother are the same.

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shiou happy surrounded beautiful wutong

Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai love each other as before .

After Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai got married , She has two baby daughters, software and boniu , In addition, the daughter of Wutong, who was born with her husband, sun Zhihao, , A family of five is happy and happy ,8 Father's day , She's in the community, too PO Wen celebration , And bask in warm photos surrounded by four beauties , Let netizens call it too sweet , Netizens also found that Wutong Mei and mother were more and more alike. , At first glance, I can't recognize who is who , Cause heated discussion .

Jia Jingwen in the community PO writing ,「 Mr. Xiu You look at ~ You're old enough to have a little ring around you , There is health 、 Have peace , Have joy and anger , There is laughter and sorrow , This is the most ordinary happiness 」, And said the best gift for him on father's day 「 Namely ~ Four beautiful embracing photos 」.

Xiujiekai quilt software can be seen in the photo 、 Ponyo 、 Wutong Mei and Alyssa Chia surround , A happy family smiled sweetly at the camera , The picture is warm and lovely , Netizens praised Xiu Jiekai's happiness in the girls' dormitory ,「 Hugh dad is so happy , Size beauty around 」、「 Model family 」、「 I thought brother Xiu had 4 Daughter 」.

Netizens also found that Wutong Mei and mother Alyssa Chia are getting more and more like. ,「 More and more like my mother , I looked for it 」、「 At first glance, I thought there were two Jingwen sisters 」、「 The first photo shows Alyssa Chia as a "Wutong Mei". 」, The high beauty of mother and daughter also amazes many people .

Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai love each other as before , Before she revealed that she decided to ride after fitness UBike get home , Call xiujiekai and report it , I didn't expect him to say it gently :「 You grow up 」, Let Jia Jingwen laugh :「 What dialogue is this 」, But a short sentence has melted everyone , Leave messages 「 Mr. Xiu loves you as a daughter 」、「 What a spoiled conversation ~ Beloved wife, Mr. magic man Xiu 」.

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