Online Red Ernie bear's love is blocked by her parents, and her mother and daughter publicly tear their faces? My daughter ran away from home and begged for mercy

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online red ernie bear love

In recent days, , A well-known female online Red Ernie bear fell in love with grandma Tian's grandson Kexin , It should have been a pair of blessings from everyone , But it has aroused heated debate .

As far as I know , It is said on the Internet that grandma Tian's grandson Kexin divorced before , The education level is only up to high school , There is no such serious job .

And this net red Ernie bear has only 20 year , It can also be said that it is a very popular online blogger at present , With good looks, I suck countless powder , Have... On a short video 700 More than 10000 fans , But I think it has a great influence .

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