"T-shirt with jeans" is really out of date! This summer, trendy people wear it like this. It looks foreign and thin

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t-shirt shirt jeans really date

T The combination of T-shirt and jeans once swept the fashion circle , It can be seen everywhere in summer , It is regarded by many people as an absolutely fashionable collocation .

But as fashion circles keep pace with the times ,T The combination of T-shirt and jeans is also out of date , In this summer , Trendy people are popular with another way to wear , Not only foreign style, but also advanced , It also hides the meat and looks thin !

The new way to wear is to replace jeans with a long skirt , This piece and T The combination of T-shirts forms a mother in style man Balance , At the same time, it is also suitable for wearing on many occasions , Even for small and slightly fat women , besides , Girls with non straight legs can also achieve the effect of developing their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses through such wearing !

One . Start by selecting a good item , Create the foundation for a sense of fashion

First step : Choose well T T-shirt fabric

T Although T-shirt is a basic and versatile piece , But we still need to control the texture , To wear a high-level feeling . When choosing models , Too thin fabrics should be avoided , Or you'll step on “ Easy to wrinkle 、 Easy to deform ” These two minefields , The difference between nature and high feeling is thousands of miles .

So what kind of fabric is worth choosing ? The answer is simple : Thick pure cotton texture . The thickness here does not refer to the superposition of multi-layer fabrics , It's visual thickness , That is, texture . This kind of fabric can create a rigid outline , So as to achieve the effect of covering the meat and showing thin .

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