Zhou Yangqing exposed that Luo Zhixiang cheated and ended his 9-year relationship: in love, it's more important to learn to love yourself!

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zhou yangqing exposed luo zhixiang

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Love and humanity are far more fragile than we think .

Some people say , There is no such thing as “ Born not to cheat ” Man . Just some people are strict with themselves , Some people forget themselves .

Jiang Fan hasn't finished his melon yet , Luo Zhixiang's melon exploded again .

4 month 23 Japan , Zhou Yangqing posted a long article on his microblog , Filled the rumor that she broke up with Luo Zhixiang .

I thought it was just the official news of breaking up , But the reasons for breaking up mentioned in it are surprising .

Zhou Yangqing said , She is with Luo Zhixiang 9 Years. , Luo Zhixiang told her more than once , The most important thing for two people is trust , Watching mobile phones will break this trust .

She is very obedient . Only recently did I feel something wrong , Secretly looked at his cell phone , I found that he also had a mobile phone for chatting with his sister .

The following content is to let her hurry . The man I love deeply has an unfair relationship with many women , You can invite girls to hotels in every city .

A man who keeps saying he loves himself , A man who once said in the program that he wanted to get married , One is always around to surprise himself , A man with two faces .

It's on any woman , Will be an inextricable knot . What's more? , Zhou Yang has spent nine years of his youth .

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