What is the relationship between Jia Ling and Feng Gong? Why does Feng Gong guest star in her films?

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relationship jia ling feng gong

The relationship between teachers and students , The relationship between crosstalk circles in the new era

Compared with the traditional master apprentice relationship , There are not so many ways , There are not so many constraints . however , But it also has a closer relationship than ordinary teachers and students . It is also a new thing in the new era . It's just , It is uncertain whether this new thing will still exist in the future .

《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 Feng Gong guest starred as an old technician in the factory

Few people doubt that Jia Ling is a big filial son , In order to miss my mother , Jia Ling specially directed a film 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》. With this film , Jia Ling left her name in the Chinese film world . The gorgeous turn from a comedian to a director , Only Jia Ling did it .

And being able to have such an excellent apprentice , Feng Gong is naturally too happy to close his mouth , Guest film performances are also taken for granted .

that , What is the relationship between Jia Ling and Feng Gong ?

I've said that before , They are the relationship between teachers and students . This relationship is very special in the crosstalk circle , But it's a real relationship .2001 year , Jia Ling took the exam of the Central Academy of drama , I entered the junior crosstalk class opened by Feng Gong , Became Feng Gong's first students . and 2003 In, Jia Ling and Wang Tong relied on crosstalk 《 What's up? 》 Won the first prize in the crosstalk competition at that time . And Guo Degang, who participated at the same time 、 Yu Qian only won the third prize .

This award is constantly mentioned in Guo Degang's later passages , It can also be regarded as a piece of Guo Degang “ Heart disease ”

After winning the first prize , Jia Ling has participated in many spring festival gala performances with the strength of her teacher Feng Gong , A teacher can help students to this , It's OK .

After Jia Ling became famous, she naturally missed Feng Gong when she made a film ,《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 There is such a role in , It can also be regarded as an embodiment of respecting teachers and respecting morality .

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