Shandong people are regarded as Thai people. The photos are too convincing. After 00, the actors have no choice but to clarify by themselves

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shandong people regarded thai people.

00 Later actor Bian Tianyang was mistaken for Thai for some time ,

He was like this for a long time ,

With a big back , Wearing a gold chain , Bronze complexion is eye-catching ,

The floral shirt with tropical characteristics is standard ,

If you don't know him, you will really think of him as a native of Thailand ,

Or that kind of ignorant little gangster .

Bian Tianyang had no choice but to clarify himself :

Really not Thai !

Bian Tianyang is a native of Shandong ,

No foreign origin ,

I haven't settled in Thailand .

These photos were actually taken by Bian Tianyang 《 Manslaughter 》 During the period of ,

He plays sucha, who has lived in Thailand for a long time ,

At that time, the animal child was still very out of the circle .

Bian Tianyang is naturally white ,

In order to have Thai skin color ,

Apply sun drying oil before starting Bian Tianyang ,

Exposure to the sun for hours ,

You can't walk in the shade ,

Then I finally dried myself “ Suchart ”.

After watching the movie ,

Didn't connect him with 《 To know whether 》 Gu tingye, a young man in the ,

also 《 Hello , Its China 》 The young Yin Chuan in the is connected .

What people envy and hate is ,

After filming this film, Bian Tianyang came back in vain .

Participating 《 List of looted treasures in the antique Bureau 》 Zhongchang is like this ,

A long shirt , well groomed young man ,

Turn into a Sunshine Youth on the court ,

Changing the background of the times, it's not the man in charge of Campus Literature ,

And Su Cha are different .

The growth line of Yao Lai has also aroused the discussion of netizens ,

In the early stage, I didn't learn anything , Some naughty ,

Experience being misunderstood and excluded by friends, inner grievance ,

Penniless on the streets ,

Bian Tianyang showed a distressing tenderness .

In the process of helping Xu Yicheng wash away his grievances ,

Medicine comes and goes undercover , Played an important role ,

Bian Tianyang interpreted the medicine in different stages naturally and truly .

Such Bian Tianyang has strong plasticity ,

Do you watch him

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