Yuan Shanshan dressed up like a student sister. She was lovely in the flowers, but shouted that she was bitten by mosquitoes

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yuan shanshan dressed student sister.

8 month 9 Japan , Yuan Shanshan shared a group of beautiful photos on her personal social platform , And write an article for this :“ The price of squatting by the grass … Being abused by mosquitoes ”, Not only bring yunbei 、 A cracked expression pack , And with you “33 Yuan Qi's daily life ” The topic of , For a time, it has also been widely concerned by netizens .

Yuan Shanshan in the picture is wearing a pure white dress , Carrying a beige bag , It is also printed with a lot of red love . She squatted on the floor , Talk to the camera and sell cute , It also looks very cute .

Yuan Shanshan cut her shoulder length short hair , Put on a bright lipstick , At this time, her skin is also particularly white and tender , It looks like a student sister , It looks very pure and lovely , Also full of youth and vitality , People can't help shouting love .

She held her beautiful little face in one hand , Although now she has 34 Year old , But still full of collagen , A pair of big eyes are also bright , Special flexibility .

Yuan Shanshan sat on the stone beside the grass , He also showed his white and slender long legs , But at this time, she was unhappy , It seems a little helpless , I believe this is also the expression after being bitten by mosquitoes , It makes people feel a little pathetic .

But yuan Shanshan is also very knowledgeable , Soon I went to the pavilion in the garden to rest , The serious sitting posture also shows her elegant and charming temperament , The looming career line also makes her look more feminine .

However, Yuan Shanshan seems to be keeping a low profile now , Although her clothes are still online , But the quality doesn't seem very good , The whole is wrinkled , Obviously, this is the clothes she has kept in stock for a long time . But anyway , Also looking forward to her in the future , It can also continue to bring us more wonderful works , I believe it will still win everyone's support and love !

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