A recent photo of Chen he's two daughters was exposed. Her sister dressed like a little princess and her sister grew up in a sheep's horn braid

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recent photo chen daughters exposed.

8 month 9 Japan , Chen he's mother, who has not seen her for a long time, shared a photo of shopping with her two granddaughters on her personal social platform , Also happy to write :“ let's row our boats ”. Some time ago , Chen he's mother and father have been traveling , Happy to take two granddaughters out of the street , It seems that the two old people have finished their trip and returned home . As soon as I got home, I couldn't wait to play with the children , Not the kui is a “ Pet sun crazy devil ”.

In the sun photos , Chen he's mother wears a printed shirt with slim pants , Step on little white shoes , With a small bag on his shoulder , The overall dress is very young and fashionable , I wonder if my daughter-in-law Zhang Zixuan has taught her dressing experience to her mother-in-law . She held a granddaughter in one hand , Even if the back comes out , Full of happiness or envy others .

Ann and her sister, led by grandma, are very clever , There was no movement all the way 、 Run around , So cute .

Four year old Ann wears a lovely ponytail , Wear a blue princess dress with shoes of the same color , A nice little princess . The sister on the other side wears a sheep's horn braid , Wearing a sleeveless shirt 、 Grey trousers , Also lovely love , The two sisters have the same thick hair, which is too eye-catching .

And that's how it looks , My sister has really grown up a lot , It doesn't look like a year old at all , It looks bigger than babies of the same age, only . The three have not seen each other for a long time , Especially warm and happy .

Everyone must know , Chen he and Zhang Zixuan have always protected their two daughters . Zhang Zixuan from the birth of two babies to now , Their faces have never been made public , Every time Ann and her sister appear on her mother's social platform , They are all coded or their backs into the mirror . But you can also see from these photos , Both sisters look like their father Chen he .

Different from his wife's preciseness , Chen he had earlier aired the face of his eldest daughter Ann . At that time , Ann wears a lovely double ponytail , Sitting on the ground wearing shoes , Although xiaonizi kept her head down all the time , But soft cute looks are still at a glance . Have to say , Really like my father Chen he .

Chen he after the birth of his two daughters , Naturally joined “ Daughter slave ” army . He often on the Internet po A warm moment with two daughters , Seeing the old father holding his two daughters with joy on his face , It was really shown by his happy life across the screen .

as everyone knows , Zhang Zixuan and Chen he gave up their acting career after they got married , After a long time, neither she nor Chen he publicly showed their love on the social platform , Even so, I still got a lot of abuse .

Now Zhang Zixuan, who has a happy family, has changed her low profile , Not only often pull Chen he and his two daughters to show happiness , From time to time, I also have the same frame with my mother-in-law to show my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law , The little days are really beautiful .

From Zhang Zixuan's previous public developments , She has a really good relationship with her mother-in-law , The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law often go out with their children , They are also very close in private , The degree of harmony is not inferior to that of biological mother and daughter .

therefore , What does Zhang Zixuan, who is so happy, intend to do without coding , Seriously fit in with her husband Chen he and her two daughters and sprinkle happy dog food for everyone , expect !

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