Luo Zhixiang replied to his fans that he would try to return to his original position and suspected that he had paved the way for his comeback

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luo zhixiang replied fans try

Since Luo Zhixiang was Zhou Yangqing “ hammer ” After reaching the center of the earth , Everyone felt that he had no power to return to heaven , You can pack up and get ready to retreat , But he hasn't given up , Always find a chance to show a wave of sense of existence .

8 month 8 Friday night , Luo Zhixiang's fans released a video clip for him , The fan said , This was originally a birthday video , But I've always felt dissatisfied , Send it out to everyone today , And Aite Luo Zhixiang .

Unexpectedly, Luo Zhixiang, who is very idle now, really saw this video , He was deeply moved , Reply to this fan and thank him :“ Thank you , I saw the !” After giving thanks, Luo Zhixiang is still “ The excited heart , Shaking hand ”, He left another message in the comment area :“ I won't disappear , Give me some time , I will try to get back to my original seat ! Because there are you .”

It can be seen that Luo Zhixiang was greatly moved , Mixed feelings , The meaning of this passage is that he will find a way to come back , Let the fans feel at ease when he comes back . Of course, the fans who received this message were very excited , Luo Zhixiang replied one after another :“ take your time , Go ahead together ”、“ I know you can ”、“ We all miss you ” wait , I can see that it is also very sincere .

But give this deep feeling to a scum man who has cheated many times , Is it really worth it ? Maybe Luo Zhixiang's fans also imagined once “ Wu Zhang ” Take the number card of love like a fan .

Maybe the drunken fans in the entertainment industry will be addictive , Luo Zhixiang, who has tasted the sweetness, naturally doesn't want to leave so easily , He tried the water again and again , Always ready for a comeback , But for now , Netizens don't eat this .4 When the month , Luo Zhixiang wrote on the social platform that , He's had enough of all kinds of reports taken out of context for a year , To release a shocking gossip at a certain time .

Everyone thought there were big melons to eat , When crouching on time , Luo Zhixiang sent a gossip map , This is what he said “ Big gossip ”, At that time , Luo Zhixiang was scolded bloody by netizens again , Everyone denounced his boring eye popping behavior , He himself is very happy , I really don't know what the abnormal psychology is , Maybe I want to relive the feeling that the star is in the spotlight .

According to media reports , Luo Zhixiang once dressed up as a cleaner and asked passers-by for their evaluation on the street . In the face of criticism from passers-by “ I hope Luo Zhixiang ‘ Stop being such a scum ’”, He said “ I will change !” Luo Zhixiang said , Doing street visits is to hear the most real voice , He promised that he would respond with the most sincere attitude , Will not stop the pace of life , Will continue to maintain the love in my heart , Use all kinds of tricks to get back , Luo Zhixiang took great pains .

recently , Luo Zhixiang posted another photo on the social platform , It has aroused the attention of netizens . In the photo , Luo Zhixiang sat with his feet tilted , He has a microphone in front of him , Music rack , And a coded Lyric book , There are indications that , He's in a studio , It should be preparing new music .

before , Luo Zhixiang often pokes on social platforms that he wants to launch a new album , His agent has also revealed to the media that he will return to music this year . This dynamic also implies that netizens , He is not far from the day of his comeback .

Here, Luo Zhixiang is struggling to get out of the trough of his career , Zhou Yangqing over there has had a good harvest of career and love , He also went to a love variety show with his rich second generation new boyfriend 《 The love of daughters 》, Luo Zhixiang has long been forgotten . Look at Zhou Yangqing's recent state , It's like spring again , Girlish , It seems that I also gained a sweet feeling .

8 month 7 Japan , Zhou Yangqing and Lin Yun recorded a dance video together , Both beauties wear lovely hair bands , With the free swing of music , Looks in a very good mood . Lin Yun once worked with Luo Zhixiang in film 《 Mermaid 》, I don't know how good the relationship between my former partner and my ex girlfriend is , How will Luo Zhixiang feel .

It is worth mentioning that , Like Zhou Yangqing, Zhang Yuqi also participated in this love variety show , She also played 《 Mermaid 》, When Luo Zhixiang was just exposed to cheating , Zhang Yuqi also spoke out for justice , call “ octopus ( Luo Zhixiang's role in the film ) Too many legs are easy to split , You should cut it .” So I gathered with Zhou Yangqing in the program , I wonder if there will be many topics to talk about .

No matter how hard Luo Zhixiang racked his brains , Try their best to , Netizens still refuse his comeback , I hope Luo Zhixiang can recognize the reality , First settle yourself , Learn to be a good man and then want to come back .

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