Li Guangzhu's first voice after quitting RM: health is important, and acting as a guest is more wonderful

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li guangzhu voice quitting rm

This year, 6 month , Korean variety 《running man》 The resident of MC One of them, Li Guangzhu, officially said goodbye , Announce to withdraw from RM, This one has “ giraffe ”“ Asian Prince ” The title of variety artist is far away RM stage .

Lee Kwang soo 2008 In the past years 《 Here he comes 》 Officially made his debut as an actor , Then he also acted or starred 《 My stunt brother 》《 No problem , It's love 》《 Deshuili five brothers 》 Such as Korean dramas and Korean films , Stand firm on the actor's stage .

About Li Guangzhu's withdrawal before RM There are also many comments , Recently, Lee Kwang soo made a film in Korea 《 Subsidence 》 The interview revealed the reasons behind :“ With age , Will realize the importance of health , Will spend more time managing your body . If you play as a guest 《RM》 It should be interesting , The mood will be wonderful , It's like returning to my hometown I haven't seen for a long time , There will be joy and indescribable mood .”

The movie 《 Subsidence 》 About the sudden ground collapse in the downtown center , The story of a whole building falling into the ground 500 meters deep , The film will be 8 month 11 1 , Li Guangzhu plays the role of agent Jin, a company employee in the building , About the experience of participating in this film , Li Guangzhu concluded : It's challenging and satisfying to be in a disaster film for the first time , Although it is a disaster film, it has a lot of fun , Enjoy the process . At the beginning of shooting, the role of Kim agent had a lot of annoying places , The director made changes , Gold agent has grown slowly in the process of experiencing disaster . I feel very happy for everyone's praise , On the set, the director praised me for not looking at my cell phone , Not so much to be more involved , It's better to say that when there was no shooting, the staff were preparing something , It's good to talk or do something together .

I look forward to Li Guangzhu and oba taking the road of flowers on the road of actors .

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