Wu Peici had a party with his lady and friends. He had a bright smile and was in a good mood. He had four children in six years and was getting closer and closer to the rich family

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wu peici party lady friends.

8 month 9 Japan , Wu Peici posted photos of gathering with ladies and friends on the social platform , In the picture, she is in a good mood and smiles sweetly at the camera , Wearing a long white bubble sleeve skirt , Full of girlish breath .

It really deserves to be known as the beauty with nine heads and body , Both body and appearance can stand the test , Even the mentality is not comparable to that of ordinary people .

She gave birth to four children for her boyfriend Ji Xiaobo in six years , There is no hope of marrying into a rich family , Active in the ladies' circle in the name of fiancee .

Now I haven't been able to marry into a rich family , Ji Xiaobo encountered an economic crisis , Previous investment 200 The development of Saipan not only did not make a profit, but also lost money 30 Billion .

Wu Peici's name is worth 2.2 Billion of luxury houses have also been taken out for mortgage loans three times , Wu Peici's rich family test began before he entered the rich family .

Will it be long before she marries a rich family ?


According to Hong Kong media reports, Wu Peici's wealth has already surpassed the total wealth of the boss of TSMC , If measured by money , Although Wu Peici has not officially married into a rich family, he is already a real rich family .

To describe it with Fan Bingbing's shocking words in those days is : She doesn't have to marry a rich family , She is already a rich family .

Unlike Fan Bingbing, the money she earns comes from film pay and business endorsements , Almost all Wu Peici's income comes from Ji Xiaobo .

2017 Wu Peici gave birth to Ji Xiaobo in 3 A child , In order to reward her, Ji Xiaobo bought a luxury house for her in Hong Kong .

My mother-in-law gave her a big gift 10 Carat's big diamond ring , After that, Ji Xiaobo collected 40 Million in cash to her account .

Mother's son is expensive. It's not just talk .

Since Wu Peici gave birth to Ji Xiaobo 4 After a child , Whenever Ji Xiaobo goes out for public activities, he will take Wu Peici with him .

According to Ji Xiaobo's employees , In private, they will also call Wu Peici the landlady .

In other words, Wu Peici's status as a rich and powerful lady is only a public procedure .

Why is Ji Xiaobo reluctant to marry Wu Peici ?

Businessmen are very profitable , Ji Xiaobo is not a traditional businessman . He made his fortune by folding horses at the Macau Casino , Although rich, it has nothing to do with entrepreneurs .

Compared with traditional enterprises , Ji Xiaobo's business operation is very risky , Maybe I'll go bankrupt sometime .

Therefore, Ji Xiaobo's delay in marrying Wu Peici is not because he is greedy for flowers and plants outside, but because of his family and property .

Whenever something unexpected happens , Ji Xiaobo will transfer his property to Wu Peici .

Because Wu Peici and he are not legally husband and wife , So even if Ji Xiaobo's business is blocked , Wu Peici will not be reduced to paying his debts together .

So it seems , Wu Peici, who was criticized by the public for not being sober and posting upside down, is the most sober person in this game .


Since Wu Peici's debut , Celebrity money worship and other labels are firmly attached to her .

Other actresses enter the entertainment industry to pay off their debts or make money , But Wu Peici's goal has always been the same , That is to marry a rich family .

In the early years , Wu Peici and Da S Small S And others are called rich and noble women's groups by Taiwan media .

It means that these female stars have vowed to marry into a rich family in order to change the fate of the class .

As you can see , Big S And small S Like Wu Peici, he married into a rich family .

Big S Married Wang Xiaofei, once one of the four youngest in the capital , Small S Married the rich second generation in Taiwan .

Different from Wu Peici , Big S And small S It's the wind and scenery that married into a rich family , It's a real rich family. Kuo Tai .

But times have changed , The person who looks best now is really the most unpopular Wu Peici .

Wang Xiaofei has had frequent economic crises because of poor management in South Beauty these years , Big S In order to subsidize the family, they even have to return to the variety show , He even sold his real estate to make up for Wang Xiaofei's economic losses .

Small S It's even more miserable , After marrying into a rich family, she gave birth to three daughters in a row and was not welcomed by her husband's family .

However, the bread brand platform for her husband's family was exposed to food safety problems , The reputation of artists is greatly reduced .

It's just that it's not so beautiful economically , The most sad thing is that she was repeatedly exposed to domestic violence .

And small S And because of the improper speech of the Tokyo Olympic Games, it was shelled by the mainland audience , Business endorsements are terminated , Star blocked .

No contrast, no harm , So it seems that although Wu Peici didn't marry into a rich family, she has lived a real lady life for so many years .

Since I was with Ji Xiaobo , Wu Peici said goodbye to the entertainment industry. Life is leisurely and happy .


Through Wu Peici and Da S Small S We can draw a conclusion from the experience of the impact of giants , That is, getting married is really a technical job .

Especially those girls who want to change their class fate by marrying people are really brave .

Like Wu Peici and Da S Small S Such economically independent and powerful women can live without men , But they still have the idea of taking shortcuts .

There is no shortcut in the world , It's just a barter .

Like Wu Peici , She sacrificed her reputation for endless money , In exchange for all this, she can't really have peace of mind .

Because even Ji Xiaobo doesn't know , Will his future be stable .

One's life must go through three stages : Alive 、 Live with dignity 、 Live clearly .

What stage do you think Wu Peici's life has reached ?

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