It's too urgent. Cheng Yi's song with Jun has only been broadcast for 2 episodes, and bad comments are flying all over the sky

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urgent. urgent cheng yi song

8 month 8 Japan , Cheng Yi 、 A TV play starring Zhang Yuxi 《 Song with Jun 》 It's on Hunan TV 2 Set , The ratings that night were 0.5522%, The heat value exceeds that of 《 You are my glory 》 and 《 Yulouchun 》, Ascended the first throne .

Yes, of course , For a new TV play , It's normal to win the heat value , The original 《 You are my glory 》 The same is true at the beginning of the broadcast , but 0.5522% My ratings are not very high , Maybe it was impacted by the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games .

however , Judging from Douban's online reputation , Yes 《 Song with Jun 》 The bad reviews are overwhelming , There are a lot of one star messages .

So here comes the question , about 49 Collective 《 Song with Jun 》 Come on , Just aired 2 Set , The role setup has not been completed yet , Contradiction laying has just begun , Why is it so unsatisfactory , Is it too anxious ?

Sum up netizen messages , Yes 《 Song with Jun 》 There are the following negative comments :

First, the male image is far from the Emperor . For Qi Yan played by Cheng Yi , Netizens think there is no imperial temperament at all , Too much white powder on the face , It is somewhat similar to the image of eunuch , This can disappoint the audience , After all, the original 《 Sword instrument line 》 The emperor Wuzong of the Tang Dynasty is a real Emperor , Even if you walk in the dark like humiliation , But it won't be made into a eunuch style .

Second, women are more suitable to play modern dramas . For Zhang Yuxi's first ancient costume big female main work , Netizens are still looking forward to , but 《 Song with Jun 》 After the broadcast , I found that Cheng Ruoyu played by Zhang Yuxi has a strong sense of Modernity , Lacking the atmosphere of classical beauty , With the man , More like eunuchs and palace maids .

Third, the use of lines is not the original sound .《 Song with Jun 》 There was no live recording at the time of shooting , But in the way of late dubbing . This is not to say that dubbing is bad , If it's like Yang Zi 《 Green hairpin line 》 Original voice dubbing , At least she knew what she was like on the camera , And like 《 Song with Jun 》 This way of enabling voice actors , It always makes people feel uncomfortable .

For example, Cheng Ruoyu played by Zhang Yuxi , With one mouth open, the audience feels that the sound is too familiar , Many ancient costume plays have heard , Although it is very strong in emotional substitution , But it always makes people feel strange , Especially netizens who have heard Zhang Yuxi's original voice , Even more “ uncomfortable ”.

And for Qi Yan played by Cheng Yi , Some netizens also pointed out that Zhang Jie is the voice , I don't know why Cheng Yi doesn't use his original voice .

In the words of netizens , I was excited to see Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi CP, As a result, a mouth has become a love story between Zhang Jie and Qiao Shiyu , There are some scenes and disappointments .

in addition ,《 Song with Jun 》 After the broadcast , Some original fans have doubts , Why is Cheng Yi's role called Qi Yan instead of Li Yan ?

In fact, it is easy to explain the above problems ,《 Song with Jun 》 Qi Yan's archetype in is a person in “ Walk in the dark ” The emperor of , Black belly is also good , Feminine or soft , This is his own character , Moreover, not all emperors are just fierce and dignified .

And for Zhang Yuxi , After all, she plays a lot of modern plays , Many netizens are preconceived , Some are not used to her ancient costume , In fact, for actors , The change of performance style can not be realized by one play , The actors themselves , The audience , There is an adaptation process .

The key is , Cheng Ruoyu, played by Zhang Yuxi, lost his memory , Without the concept of family feud , Not the head of the harem , If she showed the darkness of the court , It doesn't fit .

As for dubbing , I won't go back to , There are more than 《 Song with Jun 》, Since everyone uses this way , Obviously, there are still comprehensive considerations .

For the fact that Qi Yan played by Cheng Yi is not called Li Yan , It's easy to explain , A TV play is not a novel , If 《 Song with Jun 》 If you shoot according to historical facts , It's hard to expand and adapt the plot , Like a virtual Dynasty , Give the man a new name , This not only saves the trouble of serving the Tao , It is also convenient to adjust and sublimate the story .

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