After retiring for one year, Luo Zhixiang made hundreds of millions less. Luo Zhixiang had a strong desire to return. He comforted fans in the middle of the night: give me some time

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retiring year luo zhixiang hundreds

as everyone knows , Luo Zhixiang was exposed by his ex girlfriend Zhou Yangqing “ Multiplayer Sports ” And people collapse , This one has 6000 The super first-line stars with more than 10000 microblog fans have faded out of the entertainment circle , after that , All Luo Zhixiang's variety shows in the Mainland 、 endorsement 、 Movies and TV dramas have been extinct , No one dares to use him as a bad artist .

It is reported that , Before anything happens , Luo Zhixiang's gold fishing ability is excellent , His main source of income is in the Mainland , Take part in several variety shows in the mainland every year , Luo Zhixiang can get hundreds of millions of film pay , Plus other business endorsements and various activities , Luo Zhixiang attracts hundreds of millions of gold in the mainland every year , This is in 40 Male stars around the age of are very rare , It's not easy for Luo Zhixiang to make money in the entertainment industry .

For Luo Zhixiang, whose private life is chaotic , Losing Zhou Yangqing won't make him sad , Lose the biggest source of income , This is Luo Zhixiang's most melancholy thing , So he spent more than a year , I haven't lost the idea of coming back .

Zheng Shuang and Wu Yifan, who have collapsed one after another this year , Have been incidentally exposed about the sky high price of film pay , A play by Zheng Shuang 1.6 Billion , Wu Yifan a variety show 8000 ten thousand , These are the real pay top stars get , Luo Zhixiang's coffee is no lower than Wu Yifan and Zheng Shuang , It is conceivable how much Luo Zhixiang has lost this year , However, Luo Zhixiang is responsible for all this , You can't control yourself .

Retrocircle 1 Make hundreds of millions young , Luo Zhixiang has a strong desire to return , Comfort fans in the middle of the night : Give me some time !

Although I know I have little hope of coming back , But Luo Zhixiang still wants to try to make a comeback . It's just 8 month 8 No. In the evening , Luo Zhixiang interacts with fans on microblog , See a video specially edited by fans , Luo Zhixiang was deeply moved , Leave a message to fans saying “ It won't disappear ! Give me some time , I will try to get back to my original position !”.

What's interesting is that , Luo Zhixiang has a lot of loyal fans , They are very supportive of Luo Zhixiang's comeback , Reply scale “ Go ahead together , You can , We all miss you !”.

This interaction between Luo Zhixiang and his fans , It's like admitting that you'll be back in the future , It can be seen that Luo Zhixiang has a plan , Actually , Luo Zhixiang has a comeback plan. It's not a day or two , He has been here for more than a year , I'm looking forward to my comeback all the time .

As early as last winter , Luo Zhixiang once inquired about his reputation in the street , He asked his friends to interview passers-by , Dress up as a cleaner and eavesdrop behind , See what passers-by think of themselves , This is to prepare for a comeback , If word of mouth is good , You have full confidence to come back .

Luo Zhixiang has been walking for more than a year “ Moving route ”, Trying to build a good impression , He never gets tough with netizens , If you are scolded, you will suffer , Occasional hair and mother's dynamics indicate “ Filial obedience ”, Torrential rains in Henan caused floods , Luo Zhixiang forwarded the news and donated .

A series of behaviors show that , Luo Zhixiang has a strong desire to return , His character is also very suitable to stay in the entertainment industry , However, the public can no longer tolerate Luo Zhixiang , His reputation has completely collapsed , It's too late to remedy it now .

So here comes the question , For Luo Zhixiang's comeback , What do you think ?

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