"Song with the king" premiered. The men and women were ridiculed to be worthless, but they crushed "you are my glory" in an all-round way

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song king premiered. premiered men

Reading guide :《 You are my glory 》 continuity 13 Heaven's bully list record was 《 Song with Jun 》 It's over , But the men and women in this play are ridiculed as worthless .

Yang Yang 、 Diriegba starred in 《 You are my glory 》, It can be said to be hand-held traffic “ ace ”, The premiere also played “ The king ” The momentum of : Bullying screen 、 The heat of the whole network has peaked 、 The number of broadcasts will exceed 100 million in less than one day .

Even the male and female protagonists are ridiculed by the crowd , Can't stand the real audience “ It's delicious ” ah . The long flowing love between adults is plain, but it is very sweet , The protagonists work very hard , Life is also very real , No dog blood, no inexplicable mental behavior .

Even in a week 3 Update in the form of days , The heat and playback volume are still unparalleled on the break day , continuity 13 Tianba list cat's eye network heat list , The cumulative playback volume exceeded 15 Billion .

until 《 Song with Jun 》 It's on air ,《 glory 》 continuity 13 The record of Tianba list was ended .

《 Song with Jun 》 First day online , Cat's eye 9645.50 The heat value of has won the heat list of the whole network . On the day 6018.7 The broadcast volume of 10000 also caught up with and surpassed 《 You are my glory 》, The two key data of heat and playback are very bright ,

It's not just bullying the cat's eye , Douban real-time popular TV list has also been swept . To break the 《 glory 》 always “ Invincible ” Don't tell me the situation , The heat and playback volume are rolled in all directions .

《 Song with Jun 》 It's Cheng Yi 、 Ancient puppet conspiracy play starring Zhang Yuxi , The play is based on the writer Feihua's novel 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adaptation , Before going online, it was very low-key , But how does this play make it a blockbuster when it starts ?

One is the double blessing of actors and Hunan Satellite TV .

Cheng Yi 、 Zhang Yuxi is a popular young actor in the entertainment industry , Attractive and popular .

Especially Cheng Yi ,2020 Years later 《 Glass 》 Become popular and become a new flow actor . But after he became popular, he didn't have any fancy business , Not addicted to traffic , Every day I immerse myself in filming in the crew , He is a very talented actor , Have body and appearance , Literary drama empathy , The play is clean and beautiful ! Countless circles of powder .

In addition to starring in the flow of small flowers , Satellite platform “ First brother of satellite TV ” Hunan Satellite TV's blessing is not small , Hunan Satellite TV's idol drama has always had a very wide audience , Very high ratings . Under double blessing , It's not hard to understand why 《 Song with Jun 》 Their attention is so high .

Second, there are men and women CP sense , The plot is sweet but not greasy

At the beginning of the plot, there was a wave of unexpected dog food , The first time I hit this type of . Men and women shoot arrows close to their ears. What immortal operation is this , It's too much for me , I like them so much , I can go on drinking sugar again !

This little detail is really too sweet , They look very interesting cp sense . See them both so sweet , It aroused my interest in falling in love , Yes? , I have to say that Zhang Yuxi and Cheng Yi stand together , intense CP The feeling is coming , And no sense of disobedience .

There is no old-fashioned love at first sight here , Is to live in a crisis surrounded by jackals every day , A fox who cannot trust others , Slowly fall in love with the only simple mind around you , Bluntly uphold justice , Willing to believe him wholeheartedly, the story of protecting his white rabbit is sweet but not greasy .

The plot is very compact , Fast pace and strong story , There are many clues and foreshadows , Such as the bloody white silk washed by Qi Yan after ah Wu's death , Does it represent the undead soul to be washed in the change of nectar ? Whether the several assassinations are hidden in the dark and the trend of justice is forcing Qi Yan to let go ?

Plot lines of the first six episodes , Various forces are intertwined , It won't all surface in a short time , So watch the play with patience .

in general ,《 Song with Jun 》 It is an ancient puppet play worth pursuing .

But I was stunned to see Douban's short comment , It's really malicious , When the play is on the air, it starts to make complaints about the plot. , No acting skills, abandon the play ( Some don't watch the play at all ), What's more, it's all personal attack and no brain black .

This kind of embarrassment is black , stay 《 You are my glory 》 The Douban review just staged soon , As soon as the broadcast began, a group of people threw up a bad comment , Crazy Tucao men and women make complaints about skills. , Even direct personal attacks on actors , say “ Ugly women and embarrassed men ”.

little does one think , In this case 《 Song with Jun 》 The play is also on , This time, the male and female leaders Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi were ridiculed even worse .

These people come up and give a bad comment , Make complaints about the performance and appearance of the male master. , Cheng Yi's appearance is too feminine , No imperial temperament , It's more like acting like a eunuch .

And the female owner's slot point is concentrated on the human setting , Said the female lead was too silly and sweet .

There is one saying. , The imperial style in the early stage of Cheng Yi is really inappropriate , But acting is beyond doubt , Both eye play and play play are full and exciting .

I especially like Cheng Yi's acting to express the delicacy of the characters , Not many lines , The eye play and micro expression are handled very well , Every action and expression is worth tasting , The emperor Qi Yan's arrogance 、 Carry on one's back 、 Forbear 、 cautious 、 Suspicions are played out , It's very emotional !

As for the establishment of female owners , Don't rush to make complaints about it. , The early performance was a little secondary 、 Silly white sweet feeling , On the contrary, it is very consistent with the human design in the early stage of women's masters , She was originally a process of upgrading from a rookie , It will grow up later . Zhang Yuxi's acting skills are also very good , Very lively , Very smart .

therefore , We really don't have to be embarrassed and black to deviate from the rhythm , If you want to see it, you can see it .

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