Two donkeys flirt with female apprentices live. Ping Rong angrily scolds you for chaos! Donkey Tongtong quarrels with Yuanbao because she accompanies her eldest brother

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donkeys flirt female apprentices live.

Two donkeys molested female apprentices live , Ping Rong angrily scolds you for making a mess .

Two donkeys teased the female apprentice Xiao Cai “ Pink ”, Ping Rong is jealous and angrily scolds the two donkeys. How do you want to mess .luan ah , What is it? “ Pink ”, Being popular, there is no one who flirts with female apprentices in front of his daughter-in-law , No L No class , The second donkey said I was going to be popular , People have to dance when they eat at home , I flirted with a couple of things , Ping Rong said whether to dance or not, you see ?

Two donkeys cooperated with the disciples tonight in order to be popular , In response to Tongtong's being blasted by Li Shuke to accompany her eldest brother , Yuanbao, as the opposite, says that others say that I also say it , Two donkeys asked Tong Tong to accompany elder brother. Do you have any evidence , Yuanbao said no , But everyone said that Tong Tong didn't explain , If I were a tourist, I would listen to others say so 100% 100 million believe , Tongtong said why she should explain what she didn't do .

Tian bin asked if you can Sanda ?

Sanda ridicules Tian Bin's false propaganda 、 Nonsense , Tian bin questioned Sanda : Look, this is a smash ! Are you looking for something ? You don't accept that you start broadcasting 、 Can you Sanda ? I can beat your shit out with three fists and two feet , Sanda said you could make an appointment !

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