The first sexy beauty in South Korea, Li Chengli, is really loved by everyone!

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sexy beauty south korea li

I believe most of my friends are familiar with the name of Li Chengli , She is a famous Korean women's group momoland A member of .21 She looks lively now 、 Beautiful and sexy , As soon as he made his debut, he gained a large number of fans . Li Chengli is a hybrid , Although he made his debut in Korea , But she is very different from other women's League members .

Because she's a hybrid , Her appearance is very different from the traditional gentle appearance in Korea , Her facial features are exquisite and three-dimensional , Especially those deep big eyes seem to discharge , It's fascinating . And her figure is also the same as that pursued by Korean girls “ Thin ” Different , It's the kind of body full of flesh but not fat , And that's why , She was given by her fans “ Korea's first chubby goddess ” The title of .

Li Chengli's meat is very “ Sensible ”, All grow where they should grow , For example, her upper circumference is enough to make many girls envy , The hips are also very full and warped , Where meat shouldn't grow , For example, waist , Her waist is very thin , Plus a pair of long legs with smooth lines due to perennial dance practice , This is the perfect figure many people dream of . To be honest with you , If Xiaobian had such a figure , I must walk sideways when I go out !

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