Netizen: Xu Qing is acting very normal, but life is like acting. Does Xu Qing have Princess disease?

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netizen xu qing acting normal

Is Xu Qing sick or not ?

Zhang Jizhong : She has a good attitude towards work , How about in private , That's someone else's business , We can't control .

Net friend : Xu Qing's acting is normal , Life is like acting .

Many people say that Xu Qing, an actor, is ill with a princess , Very lofty , Also very , Don't pretend to be tender . In the program , Everyone else must watch her turn , Like to chat with young and handsome male stars , And he's very straight , Like is like , Don't like is don't like , Don't save face at all , The main reason is that I lived in such an environment since I was a child , Everyone likes to go around her . So is she sick or not ? Let's hear what director Zhang Jizhong said .

In a program , Director Zhang Jizhong's evaluation of Xu Qing is like this : Xu Qing has a really good attitude towards work , Whether she treats others , Or what we call emotional intelligence , All very high .

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