Why doesn't Yue Yunpeng want to leave Deyun club? Look what gift Guo Degang gave when he got married

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doesn yue yunpeng want leave

Why doesn't Yue Yunpeng want to leave Deyun Club ? Look at him when he got married , What ceremony did Guo Degang follow

Traditional crosstalk has gradually declined after the new century , Later, Guo Degang suddenly emerged , Not only did he bring the crosstalk industry back to its peak with his own strength , Moreover, many outstanding crosstalk actors have emerged under the Deyun society founded by Guo Degang , Among them, Yue Yunpeng is a very representative figure .

In today's entertainment industry , Not only star actors will have traffic , Even the crosstalk actors who didn't have much to do with the entertainment industry began to have traffic , For example, Guo Degang 、 Yue Yunpeng 、 Zhang Yunlei, etc . Especially Yue Yunpeng , He not only talks about crosstalk , Also in movies , Participate in popular variety shows and so on . Comparable to many second and third tier star resources .

Yue Yunpeng was originally just a rural origin 、 Ordinary people who work in cities , After becoming famous, Yue Yunpeng recalled the grievance he suffered when he was a waiter in the restaurant, but he couldn't help crying . Later he met Guo Degang , It was Guo Degang who brought Yue Yunpeng into the crosstalk industry , Although I was only a small role in Deyun society at the beginning , But Yue Yunpeng never complains , Instead, I cherish this hard won opportunity .

Many people are curious , Yue Yunpeng himself is also a star of traffic level , Also often bring hot search on the topic , Why stay in Deyun Club ? You know, there are more than one crosstalk actor who left Guo Degang and Deyun society , For example, Cao Jinyun broke away from Deyun society and worked alone . And Yue Yunpeng also has such strength , Why does he stay in Deyun club all the time ?

When Yue Yunpeng was not famous , The income is very meager , Once Yue Yunpeng's mother was seriously ill , At a loss, Yue Yunpeng collapsed and cried , Guo Degang told Yue Yunpeng after he knew what had happened : Don't worry, kid , I'll take care of it . And when Yue Yunpeng got married , As a master, Guo Degang even gave Yue Yunpeng a house as a wedding room , More Than This , All the expenses of Yue Yunpeng's wedding were also arranged by Guo Degang .

Yue Yunpeng and Guo Degang can say that the saying of "one day as a teacher and one life as a father" has been best reflected , Not to mention whether Yue Yunpeng can go far without Guo Degang's support , Guo Degang transformed Yue Yunpeng from a poor boy into a popular crosstalk actor , This kindness , I think everyone will remember it . So unless Guo Degang let Yue Yunpeng open his own door , Otherwise, Yue Yunpeng will never leave Deyun club in his life , Everyone said ?

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