Zhang Yixing's new drama partner sun Honglei commented on polarization. Can the new drama broadcast on CCTV be popular

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zhang yixing new drama partner

Zhang Yixing's new play partner sun Honglei , Comment on polarization , Can the new play broadcast on CCTV catch fire

By sun Honglei 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 Starring Liu Yijun and Wang Zhifei 《 Black storm 》 About to land on CCTV , Just look at the released stills and character posters , In particular, several old opera bones are full of expectations .

The configuration of this play is very similar to that of 《 Operation icebreaker 》, Similar themes , The configuration is the same , It's also a lot of old drama bones with flow Xiaosheng , however 《 Operation icebreaker 》 Achieved a double harvest of jewelry reputation , It also established the important position of Huang Jingyu's military hero .

However, the audience is not optimistic about Zhang Yixing , Because of his non professional background, he doesn't have many shipping bills, film and television dramas , So the audience are still worried about the transformation of idols into actors .

However, although Zhang Yixing's role does not reflect much excellent acting skills , But at least it doesn't break the plot , Compared with a lot of AI Dou, she still has actor quality .

For this play, many netizens expressed great expectation , However, the evaluation of the two stars is polarized .

Some people think that sun Honglei's acting naturally goes without saying , His bad guy image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Even passers-by would say “ The hooligans are so much like ”, Even the affirmation of his acting skills also shows his love .

Plus the collocation of old opera bones such as Liu Yijun and Wang Zhifei , The audience rating of the play has been stable , But many viewers still expressed concern about Zhang Yixing's acting skills , But no blowing, no black , Whether the actor's acting skills improve or not depends on the broadcast of the plot .

8 month 9 Meet together on the th to see 《 Black storm 》 Well , Although there are many plays broadcast in the same period , But this is the only play of this kind , I believe it still attracts the audience .

Different from the popular idol love drama , And a couple of men and women who are about to broadcast CP Propaganda is different , This pure man's hot-blooded investigation drama is very different in both audience and market , You can also see the difference of this play when it is broadcast on CCTV , Audiences who like this theme must not miss it .

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