Tong Dawei's wife is too casual. The mesh dress is matched with "beach shoes", and the sense of disobedience overflows the screen

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tong dawei wife casual. casual

Beautiful women with good figure are often in fashion “ Capricious ”, I always feel that even if I wear it casually , It can still turn people around , Some casual shapes can really bring good results , But if the style of collocation is completely opposite , Then it will only produce bad negative effects , Guan Yue, Tong Dawei's wife, went too far this time , Wearing a mesh dress , With a pair of “ Beach shoes ”, How do you think, how do you violate , The beauty of the overall shape directly falls to the bottom .

Tong Dawei's wife shows her figure in a gauze skirt , Wear with sandals to instantly reduce the beauty

Nowadays, navel revealing clothes are fashionable “ Main force ”, But for older women , It doesn't seem very good to wear a bare navel , I feel embarrassed , You might as well refer to Guan Yue's modeling , Her mesh dress is very distinctive , Outside is a layer of perspective mesh , Inside is a combination of navel vest and skirt , The mesh layer has a certain shielding effect , Don't make exposure look too strong , But at the same time, it can make her fully show her small waist style .

When choosing a double-layer skirt , Be sure to pay attention to the simplicity of the version style , Simple sleeveless crew neck style is very good , Not only does it not show procrastination , It can also enhance Guan Yue's sense of vitality , However, Guan Yue's shoes are a little incomprehensible , It is clearly a provocative perspective skirt , But with a pair, it looks monotonous , Even black beach shoes with a bit of masculinity , The style of skirt and shoes can't be said to have nothing to do with , It can only be said “ It doesn't matter at all ” Okay? ? The sense of disobedience almost overflows the screen !

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