Song with Jun: there are many premiere slots, the dubbing is not close to the face, the hostess is false, and the editing is not qualified

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song jun premiere slots dubbing

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8 month 8 Friday night , Costume TV series 《 Song with Jun 》 It's officially on air , This play was really expected by many netizens before . It was originally called 《 Wake up Chang'an 》 It also experienced a renaming before it was broadcast .

The play is by huanrui century 、 Yueshi media 、 And Li Chenguang, etc , Liu Guonan 、 Directed by Zhao Lijun , Cheng Yi 、 Zhang to the sunrise 、 Xuanlu 、 Han Dong 、 Ancient costume youth emotional suspense palace drama starring he Shengming , The name really includes many styles , It focuses on ancient clothes , Add suspense and romance to it , And bring another youth , It's really a little too cumbersome .


《 Song with Jun 》 It's based on the writer Feihua's novel 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adaptation , It tells the story of Cheng Ruoyu, a twin sister in a hostile camp ( Zhang Yuxi plays )、 Qiu Yanzhi ( Xuan Lu plays ) When I was young, I was killed , A fateful reunion in the palace after growing up , And with “ Young man ” Qi Yan ( Cheng Yi plays )、 King of light ( Han Dong plays ) Get involved in the situation of the court , The legend of common transformation and growth . The story is set with a sense of , Sister revenge plus monarchy , Therefore, it is understandable to be expected by netizens . But after watching the premiere , Many netizens have left messages , I feel that there are a lot of groove points .

First , Dubbing and filter fixing routine .

As soon as the hostess opened her mouth, she felt that it was the specific voice line of the hostess of the ancient costume drama , Sounds sweet , But familiar people know that it is not Zhang Yuxi's original voice , And this sound is really heard too much . But to be honest , Although this dubbing is still not close to your face , But unexpectedly gave Zhang Yuxi's acting a blessing , There is a sense of substitution in the emotion in the sound . And in many shots , The trace of the filter is also very heavy , Everyone's skin is so good that there are no defects , For example, as a villain, Qiu Shiliang , White hair but no wrinkles .

Zhang Yuxi's play

secondly , The hostess set silly white sweet .

As one of the sisters with deep hatred , Cheng Ruoyu and his sister Qiu Yanzhi feel completely different , My sister is beside Qiu Shiliang , The feeling of being cultivated is meticulous , Outstanding ability , He is the chess player in the palace , Like the head of some kind of secret service , It's the power of Qiu Shiliang .

Xuanlu opera picture

Although Cheng Ruoyu was also awarded as the sword bearer of the purple bureau at the beginning , Equivalent to the emperor's bodyguard . Should also be a sassy woman , But Cheng Ruoyu looks silly, white and sweet . There are many identities , Even the close eunuchs around the emperor are his relatives , But Cheng Ruoyu seems to have never seen the world , The first day in the palace , I was talking to myself with a doll , It's like a girl who has successfully been admitted to the civil service all the way . I can't see that I'm carrying a deep blood feud .

Drama picture

And although Zhang Yuxi's appearance is good , But it's still too modern , Compared with xuanlu's ancient costume , Zhang Yuxi's momentum is still weaker . I don't feel able to hold up. The identity of the sword holder of the purple clothes Bureau . When I met the emperor in the woods in the middle of the night, I acted like a flower maniac , And eat snacks at any time , It's not like what an emperor's bodyguard should be . As her so-called first ancient puppet big girl main play , How much do you really expect , How disappointed you are .

Last , The editing is a little messy .

The plot tells the story of the sisters' extermination. The rhythm is very fast , The end ended abruptly . The hostess met the emperor in the woods during a midnight outing. It was too abrupt . From time to time, a memory will be interspersed behind , The timeline is also a little upside down , It feels like the relationship is still a little complicated .

Cheng Yi plays the Emperor

As an overhead historical story , With the Tang Dynasty as the background , The overall architecture is attractive , The young emperor Qi Yan was controlled by the eunuch of power , It is difficult to achieve the emperor's actions . With the help of Cheng Ruoyu and his ability to hide his power and bide his time , Forbearance and tenacity , In the end, Qiu Shiliang's power was wiped out . It feels like Kangxi , The story of Trinket's alliance against Kangxi .

As a puppet emperor , Or with a state of depression . I can see that my heart is very depressed . And the purple bureau is the only force he can use , It is both a sustenance with memories and feelings , It is also a silent resistance to Qiu Shiliang . Cheng Yi portrayed this character well here , Emotions are in place , I can't see the domineering of the Emperor . I also look forward to the success of the counter attack in the future , There must be a big contrast .

Drama picture

And Xuan Lu's sister Qiu Yanzhi , Raised by Qiu Shiliang since childhood , I feel very mature and resourceful , And the modeling of Xuan Lu in the first episode is also very beautiful , The director's casting is very insightful , Including the villain Qiu Shiliang played by he Shengming , It looks bad , Full of control over the Emperor , There is no one who openly forced the emperor to drink poison . It seems that these supporting roles are in line with the setting and play more brilliantly .

Xuanlu opera picture

As a TV play produced by huanrui , It's normal for you to see many familiar actors , After all, although actors pursue the effect of the play , But actually , Little has been done . So it's inevitable that there will be a string of plays . It's easy to have , I hope with the development of the plot , Actors can give the audience more immersive experience , In this way, we can consciously get rid of the trouble of string play .

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