Where is Shen weijue played by Zhu Yilong? This role directly praised him

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shen weijue played zhu yilong

Many viewers know Zhu Yilong , It's all in the soul of TV drama , In the play, Zhu Yilong plays the role of Shen Wei . Before this role , Many people have never heard of the name Zhu Yilong , And after the play , Zhu Yilong became a popular male star , Not only gain a large number of fans , The cause has also ushered in better development . Many people say that Shen Wei played by Zhu Yilong is amazing , Where is Shen weijue played by Zhu Yilong ? Why is this role so popular ?

Pictures of Zhu Yilong and Shen Wei

Shen Wei is a professor in the Department of bioengineering , Is a man as gentle as jade , But under a calm appearance , Hiding a heavy past . The audience who saw the play , It is said that Zhu Yilong's Shen Wei is very unique , Where is Shen weijue played by Zhu Yilong ? First of all, the person setting and positioning of this role are very similar to Zhu Yilong himself , This role is very suitable for him , It can be said that he played the role alive , And this role also made him . Before playing this role , Zhu Yilong has finished reading this book , So I know Shen Wei very well .

What kind of TV is Shen Wei played by Zhu Yilong

Zhu Yilong's temperament and appearance , Are extremely close to the characters in the play , Many viewers say he is a character from the book . From this role, we can see , How strong is Zhu Yilong's shaping power , And the style of wearing glasses , And the style after taking off your glasses , Completely different . Many years in the circle , Zhu Yilong also starred in many works , Even if the popularity is not high , He also insisted on performing , His acting skills are well honed in these works . At this time, I met the role of Xu Wei , He can fully depict .

Where is Shen weijue played by Zhu Yilong

Where is Shen weijue played by Zhu Yilong ? Every move , One look, one line , It's amazing , Audiences who haven't seen the play don't understand Zhu Yilong's charm . He can be gentle , Can also be very strong , A guilty conscience when hiding your identity , And the domineering spirit after revealing his identity , All performed by him . After this role , Zhu Yilong became popular successfully , Become a popular male star , From this we can see where Shen weijue of Zhu Yilong is .

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