The finale of spring in jade mansions: Su Yingxue is exposed to elope with Jia Fengyuan, and finally dies for the sun family

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finale spring jade mansions su

Hello everyone , Nice to meet you here again , At present, white deer 、 Jinchen 、 A TV play starring Wang Yizhe 《 Yulouchun 》 It's on the air , In the social environment at that time , For women, it is a shackle existence , Besides Lin Shaochun, Su Yingxue is the second one who dares to touch this thorn .

The second young grandmother is really too bold , A married man has an old friend in private , Once Su Yingxue's story breaks out , It's probably not too much to dip in a pig cage , Where is the sun family , Deep family background, deeply favored by the Emperor , Don't be soft on family scandals .

Can marry a young general , Su Yingxue's background is not low , I didn't expect such a woman , A great general like sun Junhao doesn't like it , The battlefield didn't come back on the second day of marriage .

A family marriage or a given marriage , There is seldom true love , Su Yingxue keeps the empty room alone , And I don't want to disclose my situation to others in exchange for comfort , In this case, it's good not to have depression , Her mind is not necessarily , Everything is hidden in my heart .

I can't say my IQ is not high , Only EQ lacks a muscle , Jia Fengyuan also captured her heart at this time , Su Yingxue, who has never experienced love, fell like this , Finally, there was no convergence in the sun family .

Su Yingxue still remembers that she is the second young grandmother of the sun family , Otherwise, sun Junhao doesn't know how many green hats there will be in his mind , Su Yingxue thought she found true love , But it fell into another tragedy , But for the baby in the belly , She still wants to spell .

For Jia Fengyuan, Su Yingxue was not only abandoned by the sun family , Also abandoned by his mother's family , Maybe Jia Fengyuan was moved by his persistence , Especially in the preview, Su Yingxue's ending was exposed , Lin Shaochun really became her savior , Help Su Yingxue fake death successfully , Elope with Jia Fengyuan .

What is not long is that the sun family is gradually declining , Su Yingxue still feels guilty , In order to save the sun family, he finally died , Jia Fengyuan also regretted not cherishing her more .

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