Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang sent a series of documents. They can't hide their comeback. Can they borrow Wu Yifan to wash white?

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zheng shuang luo zhixiang sent

With Wu Yifan in criminal detention , Some netizens' tolerance of entertainment stars has increased a lot , It seems that you can turn a blind eye to things that do not involve crimes , And this may also let some bad artists see the hope of comeback .

In recent days, , A fan has edited a video for all fans who support Luo Zhixiang , And confessed to Luo Zhixiang “ Our story , It's not over yet ”.

Last night, , Luo Zhixiang appeared in the comment area , Show your fans that you won't disappear , Give him time , He will try to get back to his original position , Because he has these fans who love him .

Since Zhou Yangqing issued a document condemning the chaos of private life , Luo Zhixiang's star path is over , But he is not willing to quit the entertainment industry , I've been trying to make a comeback , The Wu Yifan incident seems to have given him some hope .

Also seeing the hope of comeback is Zheng Shuang , Early this morning , Zheng Shuang wrote on the social platform that :“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love !” Reproduce cool words and words .

before , When the Wu Yifan incident intensified , Zheng Shuang sent an apology on the social platform , I hope you will give her a chance , She is willing to spend the rest of her life in return , Strive to bring excellent works to everyone , And revealed that he lived by drinking water in the United States , In a difficult situation .

But the sale was terrible except for fans , Most people are indifferent , Think it's her fault . Now Zheng Shuang reappears his confused remarks , Can't wait to get back and make money ?

For most artists , It often takes only a little effort , You don't even have to work hard to get a huge return , This also leads them not to want to quit the entertainment industry anyway , Especially like Zheng Shuang 、 Luo Zhixiang 、 Wu Yifan, these once infamous artists with unlimited scenery .

But please also remember that bad artists , Although the public's tolerance for artists has increased , But that's not why they can come back , Whether it's a moral issue or a crime , As long as public figures have this problem, they should be condemned by the public , If the circumstances are serious, they should be permanently banned , Instead of feeling like Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang that the other party is worse than himself , So it's safe to rot , Even want to take the opportunity to come back .

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