Cucumis family photo exposure, divorced from his ex-wife for 20 years, still close, the current wife did not appear, causing controversy

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cucumis family photo exposure divorced

8 month 9 Japan , According to the Taiwan media , Hu Yingzhen, the daughter of Cucumis melon, took a happy photo of the family on her personal social account , Mother XiuXiu rarely shows up , Stepmother Ding Rouan didn't show up , Caused a lot of controversy .

In the exposed family photo , A family of five cucumbers celebrate the festival at home . From the background , This house should be Hu Yingzhen's mansion , The interior decoration is simple and stylish , Trust the people who live here , I feel happy when I wake up every day .

It's rare for a family to get together , Each other is in a good mood , Smile at the camera , And cut the cake together .

Hu Yingzhen is wearing a printed T T-shirt , The dress is simple but difficult to hide the temperament . She lost weight successfully , Slim and slender , In great shape , No wonder it attracts the pursuit of the rich second generation .

The girl around Hu Yingzhen , She is the daughter of her ex husband Li Jinliang . Cute girl 13 Year old , She inherited her mother's beauty , It's so beautiful .

A young man in a white long sleeved shirt , It's Hu Shian, the son of Cucumis , , 26 year . He is tall and handsome , Into the entertainment industry for several years , I did a lot of films and TV plays , But there is no water spray for the time being , Acting achievement is far less than that of my sister and father .

however , Hu Shian was not too discouraged , But trying to play every role well , I hope to be recognized by the audience one day .

I'm going to a family party this time , Cucumis is wearing a black shirt ,62 Year old , I'm a little fat , But in good spirits .

My ex-wife is not young , No matter her skin or figure , They are well maintained , Like a sister with her daughter Hu Yingzhen .

After the netizens saw the photos , In addition to praising the family for their high looks , They also mentioned the current wife Ding Rouan . Some people say , It's rare for the whole family to gather together , It's nice not to see Ding Rouan . Others say , Women who destroy other people's families shouldn't appear .

After Hu Yingzhen read everyone's messages , He immediately responded , Thank you for being so enthusiastic about our family , But this is a holiday , Please don't blur the focus .

However , Netizens still mention Ding Rouan , Let Hu Yingzhen feel very helpless , I can only tell you to calm down , Don't quarrel .

It is reported that , Cucumis and XiuXiu are 80 Age marriage , After marriage, she gave birth to a son and a daughter , A family of four once lived happily . little does one think ,2001 In the year , They divorced .

About the reasons for divorce , Opinions vary from outside , But many people think it has something to do with Ding Rouan .

After the divorce , Hu Gua and Ding rou'an made public their relationship with their boyfriend and girlfriend , After dating for more than ten years , Finally in the 2014 Registered marriage in .

Although divorced 20 year , And a new wife , But Cucumis and his ex-wife are still close , Almost every month or every new year , Will meet for dinner .

Cucumis once revealed , I met my ex-wife , Ding Rouan also knows , But she didn't say anything .

Speak really , Whether Hu Gua and Xiu Xiu divorced because of Ding rou'an , For their family , Obviously it doesn't matter anymore . Since they don't want to mention the past , I also hope netizens don't get too tangled .

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