Huo Zun and Chen Lu's relationship is exposed. The woman claims to be a beauty blogger, but her makeup is not as exquisite as her boyfriend?

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huo zun chen lu relationship


New gold entertainment watchers know , The entertainment industry has been doing a lot of good things recently . Just now, , I found that Huo Zun and Chen Luguan had declared a relationship , This is very surprising . Look at the group photo of Huo Zun and Chen Lu , Huo Zun's makeup is exquisite , Looks like a typical beautiful man , Even compared the woman a little .

Huo Zun was originally the second generation of stars , His father is Huofeng , Is to sing red 《 Big sedan chair 》 A famous singer . But Huo Zun's route is different from that of his father , He doesn't play such a bold style . Mainly take the national style route , Looks like a beautiful young man .

This time Huo Zun disclosed his girlfriend , We can see , Teacher Huo Zun's idol has a heavy burden , Their makeup is exquisite , Looks very handsome . Even his makeup is more exquisite than his girlfriend , Isn't that amazing ?

Many people are curious , What is the origin of this girl , Can capture teacher Huo Zun's heart ? Actually , Her name is Chen Lu , She is a girl who studies dance . From the point of view of beauty , Still quite able to play . She is “ National second class actor ”, Microblog authentication is a self-worth blogger .

But Chen Lu is not old after all , So clear water produces Hibiscus , I don't pay much attention to dressing up . Chen Lu and Huo Zun have long been together , In the fire wind 2014 Chen Lu was seen in a photo released in , She stood next to Huo Zun , The two are very well matched .

After so many years , Teacher Huo Zun finally revealed the identity of his girlfriend , It's very gratifying . Actually , Huo Zun seldom hypes gossip , So I don't want to disclose my private life in this regard , I still hope to speak more with works .

Anyway , Huo Zun's open love affair , It's always a good thing . Since you've been in love underground for so many years , Just slowly released , There must be a follow-up plan , Like getting married and having children . After all, Mr. Huo Zun has 30 Year old , Boys of this age , It's time to consider these issues . Are you right

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