Shu qihan sun photos show love! The husband ducked his mouth, squinted at the mirror and pretended to be ugly. A corner of the luxury house at home was exposed

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shu qihan sun photos love

8 month 9 Japan , Shu Qi posted a celebration of her husband Feng Delun on the social platform 47 Year old birthday photo , And jokingly said not to sun her husband's handsome photos , Just want to expose his ugly photos , Then he generously expressed his love and said, "Happy Birthday to my husband..." , Words are full of sweet breath . In the photo, Feng Delun is wearing black short sleeves and medium long hair , The mustache is eye-catching , His eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth bulging to the mirror and pretending to be ugly , Holding a cake is sweet .

In the picture, a corner of Shu Qi's mansion can be seen by everyone , It is not difficult to see that their home decoration is still very simple , Gray sofa, white walls , There is a lot of space left behind the sofa , It seems that the area of the mansion is not small .

In fact, Shu Qi also exposed the interior of her home when she took pet photos before , Her cat was lying on the floor , The cabinet and furniture behind you look low-key and luxurious , Not only does it have rotating stairs , There are also several French windows , Visible luxury .

Looking at Shu Qi's dynamic, it is not difficult to find , Shu Qi actually shares her daily life , In these daily activities, you can also see the figure of his husband . This year, 5 In June, Shu Qi also showed photos of her husband celebrating her birthday , At that time, she was holding a cake and selling cute , And Feng Delun is very naughty to the mirror than eight , Wearing glasses, he looks gentle , The two husband and wife are sweet in the same frame .

There is also a picture of Shu Qi with loose hair , Husband Feng Delun is behind him , Wearing a red sweater is very handsome , And Shu Qi in recent photos is well maintained , There are no wrinkles on your face , The appearance remains the same .

In fact, the relationship between Shu Qi and her husband also has a story . Before they got married, they became friends for more than 20 years . At that time, Shu Qi also responded to this in the program , She joked that she had known her husband for more than 20 years before she got married , Because I didn't like him at first , Although my husband is also handsome , But she can't compare with Andy Lau who once played 、 Takeshi Kaneshiro and other handsome guys .

Although Shu Qi said on the program that she couldn't see her husband , But from some small details in her daily life, it is not difficult to see that she loves her husband very much , Now her whole body reveals the charm of a little woman , Married life is more happy . She broke the news before , I'm not good at cooking , But as long as it's her cooking, my husband said , After hearing this, Zhao Wei praised her husband for being reasonable .

It is worth mentioning that , They have been married for five years , But there is still no good news about having children , This inevitably makes many viewers secretly worried about them . In this regard, Shu Qi previously said that everything goes with fate , It's your luck , It's not your life .

I have to say this year 45 Shu Qi is very open-minded , It's no wonder that even without children , She is still living a wonderful and natural life , And she herself is very happy with the current state of life , There are pets to accompany her husband's pet , Work is not busy , There is a lot of time to enjoy life .

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