Glory: Qiao Jingjing goes to dig bamboo shoots in the mountains. On the way, she goes to chase her wife. Her younger brother makes fun of her

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glory qiao jingjing goes dig

Yu Tu regretted refusing Qiao Jingjing

since 《 Song with Jun 》 After the launch , The competition in summer is becoming more and more fierce , In especial 《 Song with Jun 》 The premiere got off to a good start , Word of mouth and ratings are quite good . And the new play 《 Black storm 》 Soon to go online , People are worried for no reason 《 You are my glory 》, If the plot continues to abuse the heart , It may cause netizens to abandon the play !

fortunately 《 You are my glory 》 Through the cruel scene , This time, everyone finally ushered in the long way of chasing his wife . Before, Qiao Jingjing bravely pursued love , But it's a pity to tell the same person twice , But Yu Tu declined neatly . But later, Yutu finally regretted , He missed a Qiao Jingjing who loved him for ten years , So the next story , Yu Tu should chase love boldly !

Qiao Jingjing goes to dig bamboo shoots in the mountains , Yu Tu began to chase his wife

And in the 《 You are my glory 》 In the notice , Qiao Jingjing and her brother go back to their hometown for the new year , It's just a professional relationship , Qiao Jingjing can't play wantonly in the street , So Qiao Jingjing, accompanied by her brother , She can only dig bamboo shoots in the mountain . But right now , Qiao Jingjing also has a small twist with Yu Tu , So how would she respond to Yu Tu ? Let's dig deep !

(1) Yu Tu calls Qiao Jingjing

Originally, I rubbed the car on the way back to my hometown with Qiao Jingjing , But because of the Spring Festival , Qiao Jingjing gets together with her parents , Yu Tu can only spend the festival with his family . But Yu Tu has already started the wife chasing mode , So he often calls Qiao Jingjing , But Qiao Jingjing never had time , It seems that Yu Tu has a long way to chase his wife !

(2) Qiao Jingjing goes to the mountains , Yu Tu chases his wife with his brother

But Qiao Jingjing said she didn't have time to go out , But Yu Tu himself is too fierce , Because of work , Yu Tu hasn't bought a car yet , Plus it's hard to drive in the mountains , So Yu Tu walked to find Qiao Jingjing . But according to my brother's ridicule , Yu Tu has been walking all afternoon , But on the way, he was breathless and his face remained unchanged , Obviously, he's going to attack Qiao Jingjing “ Love attacks ” 了 !

Unfortunately, fate is wonderful , When Yu Tu chatted with his brother , Qiao Jingjing just flashed by , Yu Tu is afraid to cry without tears , It's not easy to chase your wife . However, my brother saw my brother chasing his wife on the way “ Straight man ”, Will my brother have other interesting and strange ideas ?

Chasing love on the way is fruitless , My brother is distracted and makes fun of

To speed up the plot ,《 You are my glory 》 The crew also exposed his brother's “ Make fun of ” trivia , My brother ridiculed Yu Tu with ill intentions and was ignored , Even if you are brave to chase love , But the other party didn't respond . Yu Tu, as a talented student , But it's not going well in love , No wonder my brother will bury !

However, through his brother's ridicule , In fact, Yutu's regret mentality can be more obvious , Let's take a closer look at “ Refuse for a while , A crematorium for a wife ” The details !

(1) No one chats with Yu Tu

Although the Chinese New Year holiday , But Yu Tu didn't receive Qiao Jingjing's “ To greet ”, Therefore, Yu Tu looks lonely , But what you see on the way “ Frustration ”, The audience is not sympathetic . When Qiao Jingjing was rejected before , Qiao Jingjing is also very sad , Therefore, Qiao Jingjing cold treatment in the way , Instead, people feel very relieved !

(2) Qiao Jingjing sings K, Yu Tu came to meet

Qiao Jingjing has a party with her high school classmates , But after Yu Tu saw the group news , He immediately took a car to the bar . However, there will be traffic jams during the Spring Festival , In order to see your beloved little girl one second earlier , Yu Tu is willing to get off and run to the bar . Have to say , Straight man is enlightened , Yu Tu's whole person incarnates the action faction , It seems that catching up with Qiao Jingjing is just around the corner !

The glory couple will turn on sugar sprinkle mode , Wait for the broadcast !

Yet the bold act of scrutinizing the road , Instead, the audience was very happy , The early plot is too flat , Although the glorious couple are a little ambiguous , But the actual development is not much . Instead, it's Qiao Jingjing's “ Chase love ” Too obvious , Now Yu Tu has turned things around , The plot has become wonderful .

Then the next plot is so sweet , We have no reason to be right 《 You are my glory 》 The audience was relieved . No matter 《 Song with Jun 》 Follow 《 Yulouchun 》 How hot is it , With the sweet pet plot of the glorious couple , The audience rating of this play is certainly not bad !

It's just 《 You are my glory 》 Will start advance on demand , Are you willing to pay ? Welcome to leave a message .

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