Poor you Xiaofeng broke the news: Du Xinzhi in the police station questioned him, who is beautiful between himself and Xu ma? Netizen God answer

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poor xiaofeng broke news du

Du Xinzhi led a large group of people , Driving around the ancient city of Kaifeng with a high speed “ Poor you Xiaofeng ”, After taking it , Show a secret “ Jiuyin White Bone Claw ” Unique martial arts , On the back of his hand, he left a clearly visible scar with deep skill like a bird's claw .

This makes the majority of netizens take a breath of air conditioning , It turned out that Aunt Du's so-called personal design of rural women , It's all a confusing appearance , He has the style of a big sister in society , Especially that move “ Lazy donkey rolls ”, It belongs to the unique secret collection of lying down Boxing , It's hard for ordinary people to learn the truth .

There is a fierce conflict between the two sides

For the rest of his life “ Poor little peak ”, Through this adventure , It's also a lingering fear , I guess he won't dare to do it again , Entered the territory of the Du family .

When reviewing the whole process of the event ,“ Poor little peak ” About a funny gag , When he and the Du family were accepted at the police station “ Mediation ” When , Aunt Du asked him a question coldly , Ask him to answer .

This question is very abrupt , In the atmosphere of confrontation between the two sides , It makes people feel an inexplicable sense of joy .

Xiao Feng shows the scar on his hand

She asked Xiaofeng :“ Who is beautiful between me and Xu ma ?”

“ Poor little peak ” He didn't say how he answered , But the listener can imagine , When Xiaofeng looked at the elaborate decoration that night , Aunt Du in a gorgeous and trendy dress , There must be a green grassland in my heart , There are countless horses galloping by .

In that environment and atmosphere are extremely inappropriate , Why did aunt Du ask “ Poor little peak ” Such a seemingly unrelated problem , People don't know what medicine she sells in this gourd ?

Poor little peak , Facing this unexpected soul torture , I guess I handed in a blank paper .

however , Aunt Du's question full of philosophical speculation , Got a lot of God replies from netizens .

Who is more beautiful

Some netizens said , Who is more beautiful, Du Ma or Xu ma ? First of all, we should distinguish between looking only at the appearance or looking at the heart , If you want to take a comprehensive view , Xu Ma's eyebrows and eyes are straight , The wind is clear and the air is bright , Temperament is like the wind and the moon , Full of knowledge and kindness , Duma's eyes wandered , It's always like looking for something to eat , But dressed beautifully , Like a bird on a new branch , Showing off beautiful feathers , Her temperament looks , It looks like an accountant .

From this question, we can see , Duma has a natural star mentality , She is very concerned about her personal image in the public mind , In particular, he has a strong sense of comparison and competition . If you can learn from Xu Ma's supporters “ Poor little peak ” Get a favorable answer from your mouth , It will undoubtedly be her biggest harvest that night , Although this harvest was achieved by force and power , It's enough to be a victory .

Who is more beautiful, Xu Ma or Du Ma ? Please also express your opinions .

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