Li Qin took a group photo with his fans at the shooting site. His real appearance was exposed and his appearance was really cute!

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li qin took group photo

Li Qin took a group photo with his fans at the shooting site , True appearance exposure , It looks so cute !

I believe you should still be familiar with Li Qin , She has acted in many TV plays , And also won the popular film Hundred Flowers Award. Recently, she was nominated as a heroine , The scenery is boundless .

In addition, her more charming appearance , The development along the way is quite smooth .

In recent days , A group of photos of her and her fans were exposed on the Internet , The real appearance is exposed , Because I didn't open the beauty filter at that time , In the picture, she has long hair , Wearing a white belt logo Of T T-shirt , With a pair of gray sweatpants , Show a shallow smile .

Two silk side hair makes her face more petite , It looks very lovely and natural , Although she looks a little dark in the picture , But it doesn't affect her beauty at all , A little darker makes her more approachable , Have affinity with .

But don't boast about her appearance , Approaching soon 30 Years of age have this 18 Age old face , The maintenance is also very good .

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