The investment of 400 million has been overstocked for two years. Jin Dong's 45 episode drama finally ushered in good news?

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investment million overstocked years. years

Jin Dong, a late bloomer, has made good progress in his career in the past two years , Resources go on , The works are released one after another , The results are also very bright , It's also called “ Granddaughter li , Male Jin Dong ” A good name for , To prove his strong audience appeal .

However, not all Jin Dong's works can be successfully released , stay 2019 In the year , He filmed. 《 In the name of the people 》 Sisters 《 The property of the people 》, However, two years have passed , The play is still not broadcast , Worried a lot of fans .

Fortunately , Recently, some netizens said 《 In the name of the people 》 It has been renamed 《 Sally 》, Will be on the star blue platform in October , It has attracted the attention of netizens .

01《 In the name of the people 》 Sisters

2017 year ,52 An anti-corruption drama 《 In the name of the people 》 Born in the sky , Set off a frenzy of drama chasing by the whole people .

In limine , Many netizens are worried about 《 In the name of the people 》 It will be photographed “ False big empty ”, But after the show , Only then did everyone know that their thoughts were completely over worried .

《 In the name of the people 》 Many of the plots are based on real cases , The story is compact and attractive . The images of several main characters are also very full , Coupled with the exquisite interpretation of the old opera bone , Make the play very lively and interesting .

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