Wu Peici had a party with his lady and friends. He had a bright smile and was in a good mood. He had four children in six years and was getting closer and closer to the rich family

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wu peici party lady friends.

8 month 9 Japan , Wu Peici posted photos of gathering with ladies and friends on the social platform , In the picture, she is in a good mood and smiles sweetly at the camera , Wearing a long white bubble sleeve skirt , Full of girlish breath .

It really deserves to be known as the beauty with nine heads and body , Both body and appearance can stand the test , Even the mentality is not comparable to that of ordinary people .

She gave birth to four children for her boyfriend Ji Xiaobo in six years , There is no hope of marrying into a rich family , Active in the ladies' circle in the name of fiancee .

Now I haven't been able to marry into a rich family , Ji Xiaobo encountered an economic crisis , Previous investment 200 The development of Saipan not only did not make a profit, but also lost money 30 Billion .

Wu Peici's name is worth 2.2 Billion of luxury houses have also been taken out for mortgage loans three times , Wu Peici's rich family test began before he entered the rich family .

Will it be long before she marries a rich family ?


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