That year, Bruce Lee, an international martial arts star, died in the bed of his lover Ding Pei. His wife Linda denied it

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That year , International martial arts superstar Bruce Lee died in the bed of his lover Ding Pei , Bruce Lee's wife Linda, in order not to put pressure on Ding Pei , Told the media that Bruce Lee died in his own bed .

However, omnipotent fans still analyze Linda's lying from the route of the ambulance , Bruce Lee was at Ding Pei's house !

For a while , Ding Pei's door was blocked by fans , Was reviled by ten thousand people , No matter how dingpei explained it, it proved useless , All the dirty water poured on her .

so to speak , If there were no such a bad debt with Bruce Lee , Dingpei's life is absolutely wonderful .

That year , Ding Pei was born with a golden key , Born into a medical family , His family background is also very unusual , Ding Pei's aunt is Zhang Xueliang's sister .

Ding Pei's original name was Tang Meili , I've been beautiful since I was a child , Everybody loved them . In those days, Shaw also appreciated her very much .

Ding Pei's mother is a talented student of Meiji University , In pursuit of fashion , Always at the forefront of the times . If you have a mother, you have a daughter , Dingpei is also the kind of person who advocates freedom .

Ding Pei began to learn dance when he was a child , When I grow up , Slim , With her sweet appearance and excellent dancing , Bewitch all living beings , There are countless men who want to chase her .

Ding Pei, who entered the performing arts circle, later developed in Hong Kong , And signed a contract under Zou Huaiwen company , She's following the sexy star route . For a while , Ding Pei has become countless male stars in the film and television industry 、 The dream lover of business leaders .

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