Chen Huimin and Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee called him a "street bully", and Li Guohao was beaten by him

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Bruce Lee is the idol of many people , It enjoys a high reputation in the world . But Bruce Lee died young , Left us early . Now only some rumors about Bruce Lee are circulating . Speaking of Chen Huimin , Everyone may be familiar with . He is also a relatively influential person in your circle in Hong Kong , He is still Bruce Lee's good friend .

When I was young , Chen Huimin is well-known in Hong Kong , He has participated in many fighting competitions , Chen Huimin and Bruce Lee have been classmates for a long time . These two people also often exchange views , learn from each other . When Bruce Lee came to Hong Kong to make a film , Chen Huimin also went to the scene to see Bruce Lee .

Chen Huimin spoke highly of Bruce Lee's kung fu . He even asked Bruce Lee about leg exercises . Chen Huimin has solid martial arts , Bruce Lee called Chen Huimin “ Street Fighter ”. Chen Huimin said , If at the same level of challenge , It is estimated that no one can beat Bruce Lee , This shows how terrible Bruce Lee was when he was young .

After Bruce Lee died , Bruce Lee's son Li Guohao followed his father's footsteps , But Li Guohao doesn't want to follow Bruce Lee's footsteps , Nor did he continue to imitate Bruce Lee , So he pushed off Gundam 500 HK $million contract . But when Chen Huimin learned about it , He slapped Li Guohao in the face , And tell him , Because you are Bruce Lee's son , Your worth 500 ten thousand .

Netizens say : Bruce Lee and Chen Huimin have shown the world Chinese kung fu . Tell the truth , They have also made great contributions to the spread of Chinese culture . Some netizens also said : These veteran stars are the people who really experience ups and downs . In their time , Your circle is not easy to mix , Must have real skills .

To tell you the truth, Xiaobian , I think they are all real power sports artists . The reason they can develop their careers well is because they have real skills . However , In your circle now , It is the lack of artists who dare to fight .

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