Every day, the baby has a way to open the back door for Wang Yibo's picnic. It's fun to eat and play

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day baby way open door

from 《 Day day up 》 in , We'll see enough , This team can last so long , It must be culture as the inside information , Love runs through .

Food research season opens , Multiple location recordings , Attracted the attention of many people , Live shooting , Appreciate the local customs , And delicious food from all over the world , It's really the same as immersing us .

Continue this summer time journey , We went from Sichuan to Zhejiang , This time I chose a place with high happiness , Taizhou, Zhejiang .

What about this time? , Every day, the brothers form teams separately , With the little brothers, they started their summer trip , Have to say , Love for Wang Yibo from day to day , But not at all , On the contrary, it is the most protected .

This time I chose Xianju camping , It also gives a very high configuration , Four people form three teams , Take the little brothers of Tiantian separately .

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