Shangqi: a new TV preview of Shangqi's encounter with ancient Chinese beasts underwater

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shangqi new tv preview shangqi

Marvel Asian superhero new film 《 The legend of Shangqi and Shijie 》 Announce a new TV preview , Shang Qi encountered the ancient Chinese divine beast underwater “ Dijiang ”( chart 7), It is said that there is a God in China , Shaped like a yellow cloth pocket , Red as a fire , Six feet, four wings , No eyes, ears, mouth and nose , But he knows how to sing and dance , The name is called ‘ Dijiang ’, The film is named Morris , This film will be on 9 month 3 It opens in North America today .

《 Advocating Qi 》 New TV preview :

Liu simu plays Shang Qi , Tony Leung plays civil and military , Zhang Menger plays Xialing, Okafina plays Katy, Michelle Yeoh plays Jiang Nan, Qian Xinyi plays Jon Jon, Chen Farah plays Jiang Li,Big Nasty Play the razor fight , The villain is Death Dealer,《 The invincible Haoke 》 Rittim · Ross's hate return ,《 Dr. strange 》 The king of the came back .

Preview screenshot :

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