Jia Jingwen took a close group photo of her family. Her three daughters took pictures around her father xiujiekai with different expressions

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jia jingwen took close group

Since the birth of Bo Niu, Jia Jingwen, who has three daughters, has focused her work on Taiwan, China. In the past two years, she has basically not been active in the mainland. She has been performing in Taiwan, China, and has begun to make renewed efforts to develop her acting career. Jia Jingwen has been in the limelight in the past two years. After the distance between us and evil won the Golden Bell Award, she added her masterpiece at the age of 45, Once again boarded the peak of the performing arts career

In recent two or three years, Jia Jingwen has developed smoothly in Taiwan, China. In addition, her family lives there, so she rarely comes to the mainland to work. However, she has not forgotten the mainland fans. She often uploads group photos with her daughter and husband on her microblog to share her current situation with the fans

On the evening of August 8, Jia Jingwen posted a group photo of her family on her microblog, and did not forget to show a wave of love. She wrote: "Mr. Xiu, look ~, at your age, there are old and small rings around you, health, peace, joy, anger, laughter and sadness. This is the most ordinary happiness!"

Alyssa Chia Wutong 4 photos, two were five people in a close photo, one of them, Alyssa Chia and her little girl Bo are lying on Shiou, Alyssa Chia is facing the camera, Bo girl shows two little teeth, her daughter, Wutong Mei and her two daughter, and the young girl looks shy. The software is very generous and funny. It's very cute

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