Yao Di, 39, looks like a "college student". He wears a black lace suit to reduce his age, which makes his peers envy him

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yao di looks college student

Yao Di is actually a female star with good acting skills , After coming out of the scandal , She became low-key in the entertainment industry , After marrying the husband of a rich businessman , She was relieved to be a kuota ,39 Yao Di looks like “ College students' ”, Wear a black lace suit to reduce the age , Let peers envy ! This time Yao Di appeared in black , Black lace cut out zipper top with lace drawstring shorts in the same color , And a black vest , The upper and lower styles are highly consistent , Exquisite and low-key , It's worth choosing when you go out every day .

First:(All black)

Even a fashion actress , When you go out, you are also keen on the matching of the same color system ,All black Many cities lady My heart is good , Because black is a calm and advanced color , If it's black up and down , It will make you exude a cool and SA temperament , It has no restrictions on all aspects of the wearer , Not only white, but also thin , Even yellow and black leather can be safely worn .

Second:( Lace zip top )

Lace has always been a noble and gorgeous element , It will enhance the texture of your whole person through elaborate lines , Make you very advanced , And black is a great partner , It will show your white skin , Bring faint sexy beauty , The zipper opened at the shoulder will also reveal the fragrance of the shoulder , Show your round and white shoulders , And through appropriate skin exposure to break the heavy feeling that black will bring .

Third:( Inside the vest )

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