Rap listen to me has gained popularity, the stage works collide with sparks, and the competition system has entered the elimination stage

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rap listen gained popularity stage

Reading guide :《 Rap listen to me 2》 After the broadcast, the market reputation was not as brilliant as expected , On the one hand, the audience has had aesthetic fatigue for rap variety shows , On the other hand, it's because 《 Rap listen to me 》 The overall ability of the contestants is really not as brilliant as expected , On this basis , Season two 《 Rap listen to me 》 There is a decline in word-of-mouth , Even if the program is hot because there are no works of the same type in the market , But if word of mouth can't warm up , The heat will also decline .

But as the schedule continues to deepen , When mentors and players become more familiar ,《 Rap listen to me 》 The works presented on the stage are also more persuasive .

In fact, for this variety show based on Competition , The audience's judgment of quality focuses on the presentation effect of stage works , Only the overall quality is enough to shine , In order to ensure that the reputation of the program will pick up , And the reason why the audience began to recognize 《 Rap listen to me 》 show , It is also because the works presented on the stage of the program can be recognized by more audiences .

Express from popular scripts , Namely 《 Rap listen to me 》 There are works that can make circles , These works are loved by the audience , So that the program can also be loved by the audience .

What works are in 《 Rap listen to me 》 Finished the circle on the stage ? What are the characteristics of these out of circle works ?

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