The stars who once worked for Wu Yifan were rejected, but Stephen Chow said that the other party was praised

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stars worked wu yifan rejected

30 years of Hedong , Thirty years west of the river .

But some people wait less than 30 years , Maybe ten years may be a reincarnation .

2012 year , Wu Yifan did EXO The members of the Group officially made their debut .

After that, under the blessing of capital , From music producers to film and television actors , Then to the hot top idol in the entertainment industry , Wu Yifan only used a short 8 Year time .

Today's star in the entertainment industry , from 1980 He made his debut in , To 1990 Really rely on comedies 《 A comic book goes to the end of the world 》 Establish its nonsense performance style , It's a whole flower 10 Year time .

Maybe it's because success comes too easily , I didn't think of how to do myself well , Cherish hard won success , So Wu Yifan's life fell directly at the peak .

The cause of the fall is well known , It's all because of Meizhu , Of course, there is also a third-party liar who has contributed a lot .

It is the deception of both sides of this third party , Let Wu Yifan think that Du Meizhu has signed the relevant compensation agreement , Then learn from the elder Wu Xiubo to report that all Meizhu cheated .

But elder Wu did it himself , Advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step , After getting the agreement , Wu Yifan can only learn a superficial , As a result, I dug a hole and jumped down by myself .

Later, it was said that Wu Yifan's mother ran around , And said to find the best lawyer to file a lawsuit for his son .

However, the normal state of human nature is : The icing on the cake is everywhere , There are very few people who send charcoal in the snow .

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Wu Yifan's mother wanted support from others , As a result, no one was willing to help , He was admitted to hospital for treatment after being exhausted .

Now no one is willing to help , But when Wu Yifan was booming ?

Some netizens picked out , I played for Wu Yifan at the platform Call There are a lot of star artists , Now no one dares to stand up to the wind .

The Internet has memories , Many stars play for Wu Yifan call All the video collections are released on the Internet , Zhang guoli 、 Xu Jinglei 、 Guan Hu 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Jackie Chan and others have been recruited , Being picked out by netizens .

Although Wu Yifan played a leading role in Stephen Chow's films , But after Stephen Chow's words were picked out , Netizens think it's a little interesting .


Looking back on what Stephen Chow said , First, let's see what the stars and artists said ?

He ( she ) How did you make the platform for Wu Yifan .

Of course , Don't say that , Knowing that Wu Yifan slept with fans, he also waved flags and shouted for each other , To be honest, I really disagree with such three views .

As for the fight for Wu Yifan Call Star artists , From a common sense point of view , It is estimated that most of them are just friends with Wu Yifan at work , Even they are neither friends nor have any private contacts with each other , It's all about the scene .

It's just , When talking about the scene , Some words can't be too full or unreal , Otherwise it will be firmly remembered .

Their mistake is , Just boast , But no matter what the impact of boasting is .

Like many stars endorsing all kinds of advertisements , Just speak for money , As for the effect of others , Is it the leek that cuts vermicelli , Will there be any sequelae , It doesn't matter , It has nothing to do with them .

Feng Xiaogang said Wu Yifan had a strong look in his eyes , Not a glass of juice , If you practice again, you'll still have a glass of wine with degree .

Wu Yifan's glass of wine is so clean in the eyes of many star artists .

Zhang Guoli commented on Wu Yifan in this program : I think he is a hard-working child , The best impression is that he is clean .

Zhang Guoli is not the only one who describes Wu Yifan as clean , Guan Hu also touted Wu Yifan in a program .

The starting point of his praise is because Wu Yifan's foreign growth background and experience , No complaints 、 The problem of affordability , all ( At home ) What children know , He doesn't really understand , Very clean eyes .

at that time , Guan Hu said this in front of Wu Yifan in the program , I wonder if Wu Yifan sneered at me at that time ?

Don't Wu Yifan understand ? I guess I don't know too much .

Li Bingbing said that the child has great qualities , Because I can speak a lot of languages .

This is also puzzling , If you can speak a few languages, you have quality , Then we must learn more foreign languages in the future , Otherwise, quality will become a problem .

Wu Yifan is in the movie 《 There's a place only we know 》 Being a man for the first time , The director at that time was Xu Jinglei .

At the press conference , Xu Jinglei is crazy about Wu Yifan in front of many other artists .

In addition to saying that the other party's appearance is online , It's a photographer killer , When I see him, I want to shoot , At the same time, they also boast that the other party has a star atmosphere , It seems that you are also very good at acting .

Is there really acting ? Does Xu Jinglei know ? This question needs to be answered by Stephen Chow .

02 If Wu Yifan devotes his energy to his acting , Maybe the future will be different .

Top traffic plus acting blessing , At least you can stand more stable in the entertainment industry , Fly higher .

It's just , Everything is just a hypothesis . Wu Yifan has cooperated with Stephen Chow several times , The most important play is 《 The west journey fu demon 》 Play the Exorcist Tang Sanzang .

Excellent acting skills or capital blessing ? Watching the interview program should be able to see something .

In a media interview , When it comes to auditions .

Stephen Chow did not talk about Wu Yifan's high acting skills , Instead, we talked about what the other party did not do well .

This paragraph is very interesting , Stephen Chow said to let Wu Yifan play neuropathy , As a result, Wu Yifan acted a cramped expression .

And Wu Yifan himself explained , Nervous people have cramps .

In the face of the media , Netizens also found , It seems that Stephen Chow has always called Wu Yifan president Wu , Not Wu Yifan or Xiao Wu 、 Yifan and so on .

General address with general , Basically, we all know that most of them are business names , Therefore, some netizens think that Stephen Chow may also be coerced by capital .

In another interview , The host asked Stephen Chow why he invited so many senior brothers to act . Stephen Chow asked Wu Yifan , I asked you to act , Do you think you are handsome ?

Wu Yifan looked confident and answered : It must be because of my acting .

As a spectator , Stephen Chow seldom mentioned Wu Yifan's superb acting skills on all occasions , It is different from what other star artists express on the platform .

To the surprise of netizens , stay 《 Demon subduing chapter 》 At the press conference , A conversation between Stephen Chow and the host is thought-provoking .

Stephen Chow : He is a very pure person , But in fact, he is very smart , It looks a little innocent .

The character needs to have a big contrast between the appearance and the inside , So I think President Wu ( Wu queer ) Most suitable .

host : Can explain this internal and external contrast , In fact, there are also high requirements for acting skills .

The host brought it to the acting , It seems that Stephen Chow didn't answer , It's kind of interesting .

Stephen Chow : Only such people can perform this contrast .

Whatever the purpose , Because I really know Wu Yifan , Or when I have to say it because of capital , Different people choose different ways .

If you compare what Zhang Guoli and Zhou Xingchi said , You can see where the gap is .

It can be understood in this way , A group of star artists boast freely without knowing each other , Whether it's blowing right or not .

Only a few people , Although you have to talk on the platform , But I chose to take a step back , On the contrary, it seems so clever .

So some netizens said : The star sees .

Do you see clearly and don't talk , But I can say with reservations , That alone , You can like it .

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