Diet alone? Huang Xiaoming was criticized as "too artificial" by Jing Jing. A balanced diet is more reliable than not eating

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diet huang xiaoming criticized artificial

Since the 《 The sideburns are not Begonia red 》 in “ Degreasing ” After success ,43 Huang Xiaoming, at the age of, is particularly concerned about his body .

Because it is easy to get fat , And over forty , Slow metabolism , If Huang Xiaoming doesn't pay attention to his diet, he will “ Middle age fat ”.

For this reason, he also worked in variety show 《 Desired life 》 Laugh at yourself :“ I am easy to be fat , Drinking water will make you fat ”.

Drinking water can also gain weight. That must be an exaggeration , But there are some people who are particularly prone to growing meat after eating too much food .

Such as actor Peng Yuchang , stay 《 Desired life 》 In the first season, he was still a thin green guy .

I didn't expect to stay in the mushroom house for a long time , By Huang Lei “ raise ” Open your appetite , Eat and eat and you'll be “ Greasy youth ”.

Fortunately, Peng Yuchang is young , Fast metabolism , After increasing the amount of exercise, I finally lost weight .

But it's bigger than him 16 Huang Xiaoming is not so lucky , Fitness and exercise alone can't help him lose weight .

in fact , Huang Xiaoming has always been a person who loves Fitness , He also boasted “ He introduced half of the private education in the entertainment industry ”.

daily , He will often share some “ Fitness results ” Photo , Prove that you really don't relax in exercise .

But as the saying goes, time is unforgiving , Old is old , Even if how to exercise , Without dietary restrictions, it is not easy to lose weight .

therefore , Huang Xiaoming has been ridiculed all these years “ Body management failed ”.

In fact, as a famous middle-aged actor , Huang Xiaoming didn't mind such ridicule .

Just like Huang Lei , Even on the way of getting fat day by day , The hands of cooking and the mouth of eating meat can't stop .

After all, the years of making money by face and body have long passed , Why do you have to be thinner than young people ?

But in 《 The sideburns are not Begonia red 》 Cheng Fengtai, who plays the handsome Cheng Fengtai in, was highly praised , Huang Xiaoming's mentality has changed .

He found himself over forty , But there are still audiences who will “ Eat his face ”, As long as you lose weight, you can still win some roles .

If not yet released 《 People with wigs 》, It's the movie resources Huang Xiaoming won through weight loss .

therefore , He began to take a path “ Devil diet ” The path of : Through dieting, I lost weight for a month 25 Jin .

Tell the truth , When you lose weight 25 Jin's Huang Xiaoming first appeared in front of the camera , I believe most people will think he is ill .

After all, he is too thin , The first impression is a sick look .

actually , In an interview, he also said : This method of losing weight is not healthy , Let's not learn .

But he said no , The body is honest , Even if you've lost weight 25 Jin , Huang Xiaoming didn't stop dieting to lose weight .

In the latest issue 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 in , He was also mercilessly criticized face to face for dieting to lose weight .

The guests were having breakfast , The food is a bowl of noodles .

Compare the bowls of Gong Jun and others , Huang Xiaoming's bowl itself is a big circle small .

But to show your dieting attitude , Huang Xiaoming only eats one Noodle , After feeling really delicious, I explained to you that I should lose weight for the role of the new play , Dare not eat more , And gave the bowl to Ding Zhen .

This behavior aside “ A violent temper ” I can't see the tranquility of , She spoke directly and angrily against Huang Xiaoming :

“ No , Don't exaggerate , I tell you , You're a little !”

The reason why Jing Jing is so disgusted with Huang Xiaoming's dieting behavior , Because in 《 My sister 》 In the first season , She learned that Huang Xiaoming only eats a little vegetables every meal in order to lose weight , Almost had a stomach problem .

And this time he was 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Store Manager , If something goes wrong with dieting , It will no doubt make the whole program impossible to record , The peace of straightness is for the sake of Huang Xiaoming's body , Also for program recording , He accused him mercilessly .

Huang Xiaoming also understands the quiet intention , So he quickly explained that he didn't eat , I've eaten the meat and eggs in the noodles .

This eased the quiet attitude , And turn to other topics .

obviously , Whether Huang Xiaoming himself or other artists who are familiar with dieting and weight loss , We all know that it's not healthy to lose weight by not eating .

Just because of the need of work , Weight loss through dieting works quickly , Suitable for actors who need to lose weight quickly for their roles .

But for ordinary people , The speed of losing weight by dieting doesn't make much sense , Instead of falling down with gastroenteropathy in order to lose weight quickly , It's better to adjust the diet , Reach a state in which the body does not eat too much food , So as not to increase fat .

And in adjusting the dietary structure , Eating diet salad is undoubtedly one of the more popular and effective methods in recent years .

First , Compared with substitute meals 、 Enzymes and so on “ Scientific diet food ”, Weight loss salad uses pure natural ingredients in material selection , The negative effects on human body can be minimized .

secondly , Different from “ Salad is eating grass ” Such as traditional cognition , Weight loss salad is not just vegetables and fruits .

A qualified weight loss salad should have protein , Carbon, water and fat , The ingredients involved are eggs , oats , Sweet potato , yam , Fish , Almond , walnut , Sunflower seed starch vegetables , Fruits, etc. .

Through the reasonable collocation of these ingredients , It can not only produce diet food that can eat but also lose weight , It can also mix salad combinations that can meet the feelings of different populations , It's a good way to kill two birds with one stone .

however , How to match the above ingredients reasonably , You still need to learn some knowledge .

For example, in order to increase the color, flavor and taste of salad , Many people like to season with salad dressing and Thousand Island dressing , I don't know that this sauce will make the weight loss salad become the fattening salad , The frighteningly high heat can top several hamburgers in a minute .

thus it can be seen , Make your own weight loss salad , Just relying on daily cognition is not enough , We learn by buying relevant books on weight loss salad making , After mastering some knowledge, try to make .

at present , Many light food salad shops also sell weight loss salad under the name of weight loss , We can see from their menu , In fact, their diet salad is also made according to the corresponding recipes .

In that case , Why don't we start by ourselves , Be responsible for your healthy diet ?

I am a dangerous wooden building , Everyone to “ Thin 25 Jin Huang Xiaoming , Have only one piece of noodles for breakfast , Make complaints about peace and face “ It's amazing !”” What's your opinion ? Welcome to leave your comments below .

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